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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Now Playing: Winter Sonata Rewind

ABS-CBN brings back the series that started the invasion of Asian series in the Philippines with their rerun of Meteor Garden starring Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vaness Wu. Well, I'm touch but I'm not too excited because I'm also watching again the Korean series that inspired me to travel in South Korea and admired Bae Yong Joon - Endless Love series: Winter Sonata

Conquering my Fear  to watch it  again

I first watch  Winter Sonata on GMA 7 in 2004, if I'm right.  I'm glued to the show's characters, conflicts and setting.  I had so many reasons and  chances to watch it again but I refuse to due to fear I feel same sad feeling I experienced when the show ended up sort of sad note.

So after 10 years I rewatch it again because  I was able one their setting of the program - Nami  Island. if you happen to go there and don't know about Winter Sonata, you'll probably check it  because this show is well promoted there.

Of course, after 10 years I would like to think I matured and can handle now my emotion. hehehe!

Reuniting with the characters

Some change in my perception about the show especially the actors and their characters.  Of course, the way I see Park Yong Ha is different now knowing his gone by committing suicide. Choi Ji Woon was so fine for me before but now I hate her portrayal or simply hate her slow motion reaction .   But now I appreciate Park Sol Mi  ( who married  Four Sisters and All About Eve actor Han Jae Suk last year). One remain the same - I like Bae Yong Joon's acting.  Plus the songs. 

Apart from Winter, I also rewatching Mars starring Barbie and Vic, and later Mary Stayed Out Last Night

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Summer's Desire presents extreme love triangle

After  4 years I finally watched and finished the Taiwanese drama Summer's Desire  starring Barbie Hsu, Peter Ho and Huang Xiao Ming.  It's a  TV adaptation of the same title novel written by Ming Xiao Xi produced by Ho.

Since I didn't read the novel, I'll stick with the show it self so don't get me wrong about the original  Summer's Desire or Bubbles of Summer

Almost impossible turns of events

If you are gal who like old type of series you'll probably praise how they present the love triangle angle in the show. You'll like Xia Mo's (Hsu) masochistic persona, possessive trait of Ou Chen ( Ho) and jealousy of Lu Xi ( Xiao Ming). I, myself, love the intense love among the three. But to be honest, their characters are poorly established because of the obvious pushy circumstances.

I remember the time I'm watching Devil Beside You, which is the same with this drama. Sort of preachy and unnatural flow of events. You'll ask in real life...

1. Are you going to hire strangers to act as parents of your only grandson and compensate them for the rest of their lives? 
2. Are you going to sing the same song or wear the same green lace from the start of your drama in life till your last scene on earth?
3. Is your kidney type is same with your brother and father?
4. Is the media people (especially in Taiwan) can be manipulate by powerful businessman?
5. And oh yeah, how come that you'll leave your greatest love-- who you snatch from other man, push to marry you and  so on so forth when you finally get her pregnant and tell you she's already fall in love with you? Is that called love?  

These are the questions slash doubts slash confirmations why Autumn Concerto rated better, which if I'm not mistaken showed almost the same time of this drama.  Actually, when it comes to plot  I like Summer's Desire than Autumn Concerto ( starring Vaness Wu and Ady An) because the latter offers obvious cliches in drama.   The advantage of it, it has better story line and believable scene. You can relate and have time to connect with the problems of lead characters because they are well establish. 

Top 1: Huang Xiao Ming as Lu Xi

Barbie is good and elegantly beautiful even in those scenes where she's just wearing white blouse and blue jeans.  But in my opinion, of all the characters in the show it's Lu Xi who is real and finely portrayed by Huang Xiao Ming (HXM).

It is my first time to watch a HXM's work and I'm impressed. even he sings the same song again and again, act as if there's always camera around him... he just simply believable.

From the start, Ou Chen is someone I really don't know how to explain. He drinks a lot as if that's the only thing he works on in his extravagant office. He manages different business but his routine indicates he has time for thinking for almost irrelevant things like "how to avenge to a woman who slaps you so many times?" While watching those scenes, my heart says he just giving justice for his love but in my mind, wow! Where can I find this man?

I don't know also if its only because Ou Chen is badly written and establish or Peter Ho is also ineffective in his role. He has cool stand, nice body and model like walk but in expression hmmmm.

But I hope Peter Ho will continue to produce series. As a I said this show has a nice plot so he has eyes for good project and he gets good actors. Perhaps, next time they see first what's applicable on TV series, what to change and how they gonna interpret it. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fast and the Furious 6... that 1 when Paul Walker is still alive

This is post was part of my huge "draft box" that's so badly keep and reminded me I should be grateful for seeing Paul Walker's work.  Anyway, it's the 6th sequel but its my first time to watch the Fast and the Furious . In a way  it toils me to understand some parts and when people in the theater say something. Who's who and what's with him? Anyway, at least I know Vin Diesel, Dwayne "the rock" Johnson, and  Michelle Rodriguez.

It's all about superb cars and fast driving

I play Need for Speed Underground, so it helps me to appreciate this film more.  They use cutting-edge cars to move the story with the help of course of interesting drivers.

I don't know how many times, I saw her in films but Rodriguez is an action star. Her looks, walks and talks are fierce. Though I find her doing almost the same character, at least in this film she' one of the lead characters.

Vin diesel
Obviously, he's the heart of the movie. In a way, his character looks familiar to me because of the many action films that I already watched. But Diesel's charisma makes it appealing different. Having loyal and fighter friends around him make this film more engaging. it as if you can choose your favorite player for you car racing. And if it happens that you Dominic Torretto, you know who's powerful.
I don't know Paul Walker (prior to this film) but some of my pals admire him.  Well apart from that his the handsome guy in the gang and he looks a loving person, I can't think of significance in his character unlike Dwayne and Diesel. Don't get me wrong, he's admirable in and out of this flick. 

Punch of comedy and romance

Peppered with comedic antics, there's plenty of lines here that make me laugh. Few that I can remember were when Dwayne bought expensive car, when they hunted the manufacturer of the criminal's  car, and when they talked about how rich they are.

Understanding the popularity

I watch this film in theater because of the invitation of my sister. Perhaps, I wasn't that interested  at all but upon checking what's with this film series. I can say that's it really engaging and interesting one. Enjoyable over all. 

So because of this I also know Paul and  Gal Gadot, the new Wonder Woman

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Younique by Jayson Lo: Identifies Your Traits easily

For decades,  I can associate myself  to Dog, Pig and Goat because of Horoscope but now that I'm done reading YOUnique: Understanding Others by Understanding You by Jayson Lo it seems that the animals in me become bigger and  more. The book tells me that I'm mainly Steady Carabao and secondly Corrective Tarsier plus a little bit of Dominant Eagle.

The Effect of Seeing the Author in Person

I bought this book in an event about Personal Finance and where Jayson Lo was one of the speakers. To tell you frankly, I didn't have intention to buy it  nor I knew Mr. Lo before that. I just  decided to try it because he was only the author there to sign who could do book signing  and Chinkee Tan ( famous financial expert/author) was already gone.

But reading this book ( a year after that event) is a refreshing thing for me. It's different from the serious self-help books, business articles and news stories that I usually see. It may tells you the common traits of various behavior or personalities of human which he categorized in four  Dominant Eagle, Influential Rooster,  Steady Carabao and Corrective Tarsier.

Know yourself and other people's traits

Though we're in the age of selfie it is still interesting to know that we hardly see how our  very own  capacities and limits. The book can help you to analyze your potentials and things you need to work on when you finally learn who you are.

Furthermore, you'll also learn how to socialize even better with the help of it  because it also suggests  effective approaches that you can use to people around you.  Do they people oriented, thinker,  frank or diplomatic? Knowing how to relate can be a great help to other important aspects  such as business partnership, work and romantic relationship.  So if you want to know how to work with  groups diverse folks- this book is fit for you.


4 out 5 stars

Though the book is not as colorful or as attractive than the other reading materials - I recommend it for offering easy to understand messages,  sharing personal account experiences and definitely readable texts.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Commercial Break: Wishes before Christmas

Due to my hectic schedule as a worker, wannabe entrepreneur, and tripper; it's hard for me to finish a movie in one sitting or a small book.  It is also the reason  I can't blog often here. And since I can't find time also to write in my very own diary, let me  share what are my prayers and wishes this  Christmas 2013. 

Survival and recovery for our Relatives and kababayan hit by Super typhoon Yolanda

     My mother is a Waray and she was born in  Guian , Eastern Samar. All her  kamag-anak (cousins, aunties, and childhood friends) are might be struggling there to survive now. Particularly in Eastern Samar,  it  is accustomed to landfall of heavy rains but Yolanda was obviously  way different from the other. It entirely damage the whole land turning it into wasteland than typical old town.
     It is hard to give any sentiments about this thing right now, because we're tense and frustrated, but I believe in HOPE.  It is broad and it is difficult to feel but there's end  if misery so let's hope and be hope.

Good health for my older sister

   I wish I can give enough money to support her operation. But the least that I can offer is to diminish the amount by 25% and help her to find who can also support her financially. This ate ( sister) of mine is spinster, lost her job when she's seem old to haunt new one and dumped by her boyfriend.  I understand why at some point she develops inferiority complex as she's always doubting in her capability.
  Okay set aside her other problems, but health is health, it is something that she needs to address at once. And I hope someone will help us to do it and bless us that one day she's all right.

Blogapalooza and Successful  Businesses with my sibling

  To work in a company gives you stable money typically every 15 or 30 of the month.  You're lucky if you love your work, you have flexible time, compassionate boss and competitive  salary. Yes these things come in blue moon or almost impossible to have all together. In fact, some workers who have most of these are seem not appreciative of their situations.
  Count us in or it's just that we want to try to manage our own talent; together with my sister (who is a blogger as well), I resigned. We come up to  try business for a change though risky for our finances.  Well, we are now carefully studying every details of it from getting inspiration to applying what we've learned. That's why, I'm interested also to join Blogapalooza   and hopefully they approve my application so I can go with my sister.
 I expect that this event will give me insight about blogging, digital marketing, and business.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spartacus: My Late Arrival

After being drawn to True Blood, I discovered Spartacus which at first stunned me because of its literal exposures of things.  But my curiosity, tempted me to watch further. This is all about ancient Greeks so it must be real and good chance for me. You know, my first ever dream vacation is to go to Greece, I wanna see tourist spots there such as Mt. Olympus,  Athens, and the museum.

So far what I only saw were season 1 and 2, and I'm not really updated about it. I just learned that my favorite character Gannicus would die in the newer season and he had a definite love interest too.

Gannicus of the arena

Dustin Clare ( Gannicus) is captivating in this role, that entice me to rewatch season 2 for several times. Let's say that he's look did wonders, his portrayal and his story made the difference especially when he involved with Melitta (played by Marissa Ramirez), the wife of his best friend and Doctore -Oenomaus (Peter Mensah). This part of him exposed his soft heart, that he's capable to love more than being happy of making love.  He's all out in the battlefield while very human in the chamber with the people close to him. he really honors friendship, brotherhood and love. 

Intense Illustration

Following  what's seems the real thing before, Spartacus championed that in any way, even I'm still shock with some scenes. I appreciate that in  between "S" and blood, arena and bed, there's  social relevance and human interest superbly injected to it. Gladiators were seen as slave next to pet for  aristocrats during those time. And it pains me to know such thing even the gladiator was not as handsome as Spartacus ( the late Andy Whitfield) or Dustin Clare. What more for the female slaves who sincerely served their masters to the last energy they can give but then they're still treated as dolls. Slavery- Crixus (Manu Bennett) and 
Naevia (Lesley Ann Brandt) were the classic example it in the story

Surprise-Surprise Xena the Warrior is Lucretia

Visibly she's old as what her character demands but in my opinion Lucretia ( Lucy Lawless) is beautiful inside and out. She just torn between her husband's greed for power,  bad kind of friendship and pressure from her father in law.  Her affair with Crixus diminish her morale and making her bad one. 

I think of all the female stars in the series from Spartacus: The Blood and Sand  and Gods of the Arena, she's the most beautiful.  I'm surprised to know that she's also Xena: The Warrior Princess. 


Saturday, June 1, 2013

True Blood, intense romanticism

Being an avid viewer of  Vampire Diaries (VD), I'm surprised to myself that I like True Blood starring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Ryan Kwanten, Nelsan Ellis. To be honest when it comes to gorgeous and fresh faces, VD has it but True Blood  has own distinct fascinating factors especially the love triangle of Sookie Stockhouse, Bill Compton and Eric Northman, one of those is it is all about hard core romanticism.

Story: True Blood vs. Twilight Saga and Vampire Diaries

I don't know with the novel but when it comes to adaptation side, the edge of True Blood it's open to different issues beyond vampire -human relation.  In fact, in some way I feel that they too harsh about Christianity especially with that Soldier of the Sun thing. However, I commend that they tackle the issue about vampires as deem evil because of the religious belief. It's the second factor why people fear them aside that they kill human to survive.  I also like that they feature the cons of having vices, insecurity, hypocrisy, racial discrimination, politics and legends.

Anna Paquin as Sookie

Of all the stars in the show, it is only Paquin that I really know. I watched her first in X Men Series where she portrayed Rogue. she's very much grown up here especially with those steamy scenes without clothes.
Sometimes her voice and facial expression are annoying but that's her. Her acting is what matters and she can deliver. Even if she's not  the prettiest lass in the land, you'll think she is. Sookie is not flirt nor pretentious though you'll hate her for being typical female protagonist. its like she's perfect and its boring. Good thing she has special ability that make her powerful or vulnerable. 

Stephen Moyer as Thomas/Bill Compton

I like English men especially their accent( hello Claus!) but here he speaks American. And I think staying young (common trait of vampires in movies and series)  is not visible in his aging skin. His asset on the other hand, is his elegant posture, expressive eyes, and physique. I can't blame Paquin  for falling in love with him.  As Bill Compton, I find him very romantic, manly and ideal. That's both captivating and boring. Compare to Edward Cullen and Bill, He should be more darker (lets see in the coming season).

Sam Trammell as Sam, the shape shifter

He's the shape shifter that's not look hot. His voice and character is gentle that doesn't appeal at all.  I don't know if its about acting, trammell's traits or the character it self has no significant. He can't even save Sookie by shifting as dog. Though I find Trammell cute and maybe in coming season we can expect a lot from him. In real life I wanna have a brother or boyfriend like him. 

Rutina Wesley as Tara 

She's irritating most of the time and its good because this means Wesley gives justice to her role as someone who put fierce facade to cover her insecurities. She always judge people of judging her because she's Afro American when in fact no one talk about it. I agree when Sam said that he feel tired of her.  In fairness to Tara, she also represents the usual human traits - a loving best friend, a daughter, a lover, and a woman who likes acceptance and true love.

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman  

Though I don't know  yet, he's gonna be a big character in the following episodes, the first time that I saw Eric in the club, I can feel his strong persona.  His  cold, stone, and affectionate persona.  His long blond hair makes it another attraction.  I'm thinking if it's just a pattern for me to choose someone like him since I also prefer Damon  Salvatore ( played by Ian Somerhalder) over Stephen ( Paul Wesley) in VD. But of course Eric has different persona and background.  What I like about him he's strong in other people but has soft heart for women he care such as Sookie and his progeny Pam.  For me, he someone you refuse to like but you can't ignore because of his handsome traits and deadly attraction.
 As much as I want to tell more about some characters such as jason, lafayette ( I really like the name),Chris and Arlene, I think the actors who played these characters. I pity Lafayette when he was still in the dungeon's of Eric,  I favor Jason when he was trapped in Soldier of the Sun's hypocrite principle, and I'm sad when Arlen finds out that the man she loves is a serial killer.

Am I going to watch new season of True Blood?  OF COURSE! 


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Where are the real singers?

Big slap, that's probably the feeling of seeing nonsingers enjoying popularity and garnering awards left and right. I agree that everyone has the right to sing. Anyway, that's a creative form of expression. But people pushing someone to get a record deal even his/ her talent is acting is really annoying.  And the most annoying part is some stars act as if they are superior than the others. Being humble is a key, that perhaps Ann Curtis' asset why she attracts followers. She knows she's not a singer but a performer.

There are also long-time recording artists who got  best-selling albums but remain humble. I remember an episode of Sharon (ABSCBN) where Sharon Cuneta admit to Regine Velasquez, that  if she gonna rate her singing  talent out of 100 %, it's only 60%. It's like she's lucky to have beautiful songs and works with superb composers. The irony was Regine professed beforehand that  Sharon is one of her musical influences. What a remarkable interview indeed.

Real singers neglected

Mass appeal is one big factor for stardom and that's applied for singers too. But there are singers who put their fame and fortune in their heads and eventually lose everything. For quite sometime, I was into singing contest winners. You know drawing inspiration that in this world, poor can be rich out of talent. In fairness, some achieve that level like Regine, Yeng Constantino, and Sarah Geronimo.  But more often than not being a winner is not a sure way to have a prosperous career. I don't what happened to them but I'm curious where are Mau Marcelo, Jerome Sala (Search for a Star in a Million), Laarni Losala (Pinoy Dream Academy 2), Raki Vega (Born Diva hosted by Zsa Zsa Padilla) and Gretchen Espina Pinoy Idol, etc.

Why talented singers like them and other veteran singers gone in the limelight? Well the answers are actually obvious. The unbelievable is these answers are unfair. 

I found this video very interesting! Singing contest winners in the Philippines

Monday, March 4, 2013

Nodame Cantabile live action series...addicting

Since I watched it a week ago, I can't stop myself wanting to re-watch episodes of Nodame Cantabile topbilled by Juri Ueno as Megumi Noda and Hiroshi Tamaki as Chiaki Shinichi. 

a door for Japanese Drama

Compare to Korean and Taiwanese series, it's very rare that local stations here  broadcast Japanese Drama and I wasn't interested to watch them. Why? Because if not Japanese version of series that I already watched  (remember Meteor Garden of Taiwan and Boys Over Flowers of South Korea?), they are adaptation of anime. You know, I'm so anime fanatic. I don't know if Gokusen is adapted to anime.

In anime it is understandable to be exaggerated, but actually it is crucial thing once filmmakers do it in live action. That's why I also don't like watching series based in anime or manga. 

But anime is Japan animation, so I think better to give them extra exemption when a Japanese drama is based on it. Actually if you bother to remember and if not maybe because of credit issue, how can you say Tokyo Juliet when the setting of the story is in Taiwan and the lead character is Taiwanese. Good thing they got Ariel Lin- she save that idol drama.

Anyway, I already watched Nodame Cantabile the anime version before. I'd like it so much that's why it took time before I decided to try watching the live action drama. I wasn't enthusiastic first but when I enjoy the acting, the effects, the music and production design - It inspired me to watch other  Japanese dramas as well.  It's like a door for me that open me to their world.

What I like in Nodame Cantabile?

Juri Ueno is kawaii when she has make up. I like her in the last scene of the TV series where she was watching Hiroshi conducting for the last time in Japan. I learned that she earned acting award because of this series and she deserved it.  She really exude weirdness, cuddly and talented character of Nodame. I  could feel her frustration, her  passion and her love for Chiaki.

Hiroshi Tamaki  also had good performance But compare to Ueno it is obvious that he's not professional in playing piano. Is it true? I'm also bothered in differences of his looks in 11-episode show  and  Nodame in Europe. He was really  skinny and pale there. I almost thought the actor was different. What happened?

Other characters that  live to my expectation were Eita as Mine, Keisuke Oide as Masumi, Seiji Fukushi as Kuroki. Every time they appeared, I could not ignore their presence. I also admired the beauty and  acting of Azami Mizukawa as Kiyora and Becky as Tanya Vishnyova. If these two ladies were really not musicians or Becky has no Russian blood, wow!

I also like the ensemble of their orchestras, the cinematography, and their visual effects. 

I commend Naota Takenaka for his fun acting of Franz but sorry he was not believable as foreigner musician even with that wig.  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

10 interesting Hollywood Actresses

Movies and TV series introduce me to different international stars. So if someone going to ask me about controversial  celebrities who I didn't see yet in films or TV shows I most likely ignore them. But of course, not all Hollywood actresses catch my interest. There must be something in them.

Jennifer Garner

I don't know who is Elektra is and what is the other thing about word Alias till I know Jennifer Garner who I first saw in DareDevil where she met her husband Ben Affleck.  I'm astonished in the way she moved in that Marvel film. She looked powerful and at the same time very attractive there. In my opinion, Elektra, her solo film, is not bad and well executed. It just that if you like action film appealing to adult, it will not meet your expectation.

Maybe I too fond of her (I admired her body then, which dreamed to achieve) that's why even if I'm not interested in the story line I still watched 13 going on 30, Catch and Release, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and ButterJuno is exceptional because it became one of my favorite films thanks to Ellen Page. I also like her character in Valentine's Day . By the way, I 'm delighted whenever I read news about her family. It makes me wish to have the same relationship and kind of motherhood. 

Kristen Stewart

I'm not one of those who didn't defended her when she had controversy last year,  but I'm of those people who would feel bad if she decided to quit showbiz and if she and Robert Pattinson didn't reconcile. It is because I like most of the films that she picked. Okay, let's say that I just started to notice her in Twilight Series. But if she is really not that good, why I bothered to watch Yellow Handkerchief, The Runaways, Adventureland, and Snowwhite and The Huntsman. And I'm eager to watch Panic Room and On the Road.
I believe she's fine actress and she has this charm that irritates some but still interesting. 

Julia Stiles

I wonder where she is right now or if she will do movie again where she is the leading actress. I still don't see  Silver Linings Playbook. But there was a time that I'd like to see her films. I started to like her in Save The Last Dance, one of my favorite dance films. But I also saw 10 Things I Hate About You, Mona Lisa Smile and lovely romantic film Prince and Me.  I'll watch Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum soon where she co-starred with Matt Damon

Winona Ryder

I'm a late bloomer in following  Winona Ryder's movies. I only watch of her  Reality Bites, Beetle Juice, Edward  Scissorhands, and Girl, Interrupted  few years ago.  I admire her beauty during her heyday and  I think she still pretty nowadays though she's a little bit thin and aloof. Her beauty is not glamours but something you'll not snub. 

It is nice also to know that she starred as Josephine March in my favorite novel Little Women where she paired with Christian Bale ( Dark Knight) who portrayed  Laurie. I hope to see her in another eccentric, top caliber and box office hit film project or a romantic comedy series.

Katie Holmes

Yes, I like her ever since her Joey Potter's days in Dawson's Creek.  I watched First daughter, The Gift, Go, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Abandon, and Disturbing Behavior. To be honest, nothing beats her portrayal in DC but maybe I'm just too attached in her character. 

But I could feel that she's trying to avoid similar character in her films especially in Disturbing Behavior with James Marsden, Abandon with Benjamin Brat, and the gift when she had topless scene with Keanu Reeves. Somewhat, I think Katie should not only try different roles but also try to remove her usual mannerism. The last film of her that I watched was Dark Knight with Christian Bale and yes, she's not impressive there.  But still, I like her. 

Kate Winslet

I know for a fact that I admire this woman because of her talent and personality. A woman who knows what she wants and hunger to achieve it. I never realized it at first in box office hit Titanic where she was paired for first time with Leonardo DiCaprio. After that James Cameron's film, it was disappointing when I learned that she accepted roles that were far from the standard of Titanic.  But today, I understand what she did and I respect her for that. 

Her other works that I already saw and recommend are Revolutionary Road  ( her second film with DiCaprio and directed by her 2nd husband Sam Mendes), The Holiday ( with Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, and Jude Law). My next targets to see are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland (with equally talented artist Johnny Depp) and The Reader

Drew Barrymore

Not all news about her are interesting for me and I can't compare her to other award winning actress but  I watched her chic films. Because you know,  her films satisfied ordinary women's dream like me. I watched Ever After (with Anjelica Huston and Dougray Scott), Never Been Kissed (with Jessica Alba, Leelee Sobieski, David Arquette and Michael Vartan, The Wedding Singer (with Adam Sandler), Charlie's Angels series (with Cameron and Lucy Liu),   Music and Lyrics ( with  Hugh Grant), and He's Just Not That Into You  (with Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johanson, Jennifer Connelly,  Ginnifer Goodwin, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck and her boyfriend then Justin Long) 

Most of her film are categorized under chic film and  romantic-comedy. It's maybe also the reason why she hardly  got approval in her serious and true to life film Riding in Cars With Boys. To be honest and like Holmes, I don't see any award winning portrayal yet of her but I still want to watch her films. And I'm eager to see 50 First dates, Going The Distance and her first directorial debut Whip it starring Ellen Page.

Keira Knightley

She's another English actress that I like aside from Winslet. I love her accent, her frown and portrayal in her roles in Pride and Prejudice and Atonement. I also saw Last Night (with Sam Worthington, Guillaume Canet, and  Eva Mendes ) and Love Actually. I still need to watch Pirates of Caribbean (with Depp and Orlando Bloom) to see a different Knightley. 

Since I often see her in serious films, it gonna be different if she accepts romantic-comedy film though I love her in film like Pride and Prejudice. 

Emma Stone

Easy A was the key why I  got to know Emma Stone who I also watched in Crazy Stupid Love and The Amazing Spiderman with her reel and real honey Andrew Garfield.  

I like her and her boyfriend, well they looked good together and they exude real positive vibes. I also like her being  honest, cheerful and funny.  

Kate Beckinsale/ Ellen Page

Since watching Juno I really like Ellen Page. But I think I need to see more film of her because apart from Juno, Inception and X Men The Last Stand, I don't know other works of her. I would like to see her performance in Whip It..  

On the other hand, I started to notice the beautiful Kate Beckinsale when I finally watched her action films Underworld series. I also already saw her classic romantic film Serendipity  (that sorry it didn't appeal to me) and her latest action packed villain role in Total Recall I still need to catch up to her other films and I'm particularly eager to see Pearl Harbor, Laurel Canyon and Van Helsing. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wanna try Freelance Writing?

For weeks now, I'm back in the mode of freelance writing. It saves  me from boredom and unemployment. At least if someone asks me where are you now or what do you do ( which here in the Philippines automatically pertains to work) I have a positive answer. Good thing I'm blessed to have freelance writing jobs.

Freelance Writer

If I'm not mistaken I bought this book in 2007 or 2008. At that time, I had a regular job but I started to try part time job. I knew that my knowledge and skills both in writing and English grammar were not impressive (YET and maybe till now)  so I invest in books. 

Why I bought This book of Elizabeth P. Ong

  1. Cheap Price - Given that I'm already drawn in the title and the topic, the next factor I really check is the price. I bought this book  for only Php 115 which was not its original price (Php 95) when I first saw it in a bookshelf. Lesson learned: if you have money and it's affordable - buy it instantly because you don't know if its price change or it goes out of stock. I believe the price of this book will go high  I again. 
  2. Learn Freelance writing from the field - I didn't know who was Elizabeth P. Ong  but  learning she's experienced and professional freelance writer plus she's Filipino that made me to decide that this book was worth to buy. Event if it cost Php 250 I probably buy it too. I believe when you want to study something and you'll use it locally, you should get the lessons from the person who knows the field. Foreign books are good but books written by Filipino experts are suited to you real needs. 
  3. Handy size. I'm not bookworm but I'd like to read a lot of books. Handy size books are friendly books for me especially that my only time to read is during my free time and I travel often.

Why I'm Reading it again?

Since I'm back in freelance writing, I need to refresh what I've learned in this book. Honestly, it as if I'm reading it for the first time and all the advice that Ong gave are still applicable to day.

So far, I'm in the page where she gave tips in building your reputation as freelance writer, how to get inspiration  especially when you are down, and how to market your self to clients or to those underestimate your capabilities. Additionally, I like Ong's honesty, direct and understandable explanation. I mean, I don't have to get dictionary to learn her important tips.  

I'm may not stay  in freelancing for long, but right now I'm trying to adjust, enjoy and learn from it. Anyway, what I like best  in my current state is to do my things in my own time. I don't have to wake early, beat the rush hour/ traffic and complain about my boss.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Book Review: Blog to motivate

For 2013, one of my plans, goals or what usually called resolutions is to read more books. I must do it because since 2009, I keep on buying books that ended up just a display on my shelf.  What a waste right? So to motivate myself, I’ll combine this campaign with my other passion, blogging.

My type of books

I don’t have definite type of books but I admit, I’m not a fan of thick and novel books. What I usually buy are those books that are easy to carry, will educate me in the subject matter that I want to learn, easy to understand and will give me inspiration. It is plus factor if a book is written by Filipino author. Why?

  •        I know that the way he tackling issue is according to Philippine setting.

  •        Some Filipino authors how to communicate to common reader like me.  I don’t have to look for dictionary even if he’s explaining about stock market or law of nature

  •        It’s like a friend who’s good in something and trying explains the easiest way to his other friend.
Currently, I like reading books about starting own business, personal finance, SEO, photography, writing, languages, English enhancement or fluency, children books and a lot more.

As simple as I can

I’ll not try to be a hardcore book reviewer like the way I share my though about the movies and series I watch.  By the way, I’m a movie fan and I have special blog for this matter – check my www.reeltorealflicks.blogspot.com

 Maybe I just can tell you the price of the book, things that you can get out of it and some additional facts that capture my senses.

So more power to me and may I finish reading 100 books this year. I’m insatiable when it comes to learning.
Happy New Year everyone let’s read more in 2013

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Part 2: Rurouni Kenshin and my Anime series

College was the period when I felt i'm certified anime hard core fan. I would go to library not only for my assignments and projects but also to search about my fave anime shows. I even saved money for print outs of my researches and went home as early as I could just to watch my favorite series.

This was the period I got to know Ghost Fighter or Yuyu Hakusho, Flame of Recca, Street fighterAyashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi, Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha and of course my second fave and most respected anime series Rurouni Kenshin  or Samurai X.

I think my fondness about anime slowed down because of the way a local network broadcast Inuyasha.  The TV network where it was first shown( Inuyasha is currently shown on its rival station) keep on rewinding and changing the schedule of this series starring a half human and half dog demon creature. Who would not be irritated right? But at least they had fantastic run of Samurai X and other shows that became my favorites.

Why I like Samurai X/ Rurouni Kenshin

A.  Superb Characters

They were not only interesting because of they look and skills but also because of their background and principle. Shishio Makoto, the leader of Jupontogatana, was a former spy of the government and was burned alive. He created a group of skilled people for the mission of changing the rusty system of current regime. Shogo Hamakusa was a leader of Christian people in Shimabara. His parents were killed because of their religion. He maybe put in bad light but you understand where he was coming from. 

B. Anime but has realistic and historical plot 

Okay you may question the fighting scenes or their swordsmanship but the story was well crafted and satirical.  Its a like a serious epic series that tackles different problems in society. And even if you are not living in Japan, you can relate especially if you are interested in political science. Samurai X may also orients you about Japan's colorful culture, history, people and ardors.     

C.  Super nice drawing

We have different type of animation, like clay, computer and the basic that we know (drawings). Though I watch animation, I prefer the basic one because I really-really like paintings or drawings. In Rurouni Kenshin, you appreciate the detailed  drawings of every characters. You'll see the distinguished physical features like eyebrows, the lips, the outfits, weapons, hair, slippers or shoes and other things. 

There anime that we would appreciate because of the story, laughter and characters but there's few anime series that will give you beautiful drawings. Of course, Samurai X is included to that unique anime group. 

D.   Interesting Music

I'm not fluent in Nihongo and I'm still trying to learn  Japanese common expressions. But if you only appreciate Japanese music, even you don't understand the lyrics, you'll see the quality of the Japanese musicality or instrumental music.  Of course, it is easy for you to know Japanese music if you watch anime. 
And Samurai X has lot of cool music like my favorite tracks It's Gonna Rain by Bonnie Pink, Heart of Sword by Yoake Mae, 1/2 and Sobakasu by Freckles. 

Right now, I don't watch anime anymore that is because I don't have time and I can't see any interesting series like Samurai X. However,  once in a while I watched anime films like Blood the last vampire, OVA of Fushigi Yuugi, Death Note and others.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Samurai X and my favorite anime series

Come October, the live action film version of my favorite anime Samurai X or Rurouni Kenshin will be show in the local theaters. Excited? Super! I guess it brings back my ardor in anime.

The start of anime influence

Since I was a kid, I'm fond of animation. It wasn't emphatic before but I guess it was because cartoon characters were colorful (from shoes to eyes and hair), mutant, smart and outrageous.  Whether they talked non-sense, act strange and look like aliens- I didn't mind because, what’s valuable were they entertain me and touched my heart.

Some of the anime I watched when I was in elementary were

Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe (Little Lord Fauntleroy)
This was of the cartoons that made cry particularly in the scene where Cedie’s father was having heart attack on the way home.  Cedie had live action version that produced by StarCinema and top billed by former child actor Tom Taus.

Princess Sarah (Little Princess Sara(h)

            Princess Sarah changed my impression about Indian. The lead character was a daughter of rich Indian who died in a mine accident. She then began to serve as a maid in the school where she was enrolled in London.  Cedie had more impact on me, but still I religiously follow this show because Sarah was a lovely kid. I even noticed Sushmita Sen (the first Miss India who won in Miss Universe title in 1994) because she and Sarah were both Indian. My former fave child actress Camille Pratts portrayed Sarah while her reel and real friend Angelica Panganiban played Vicki.

 Remi(the Nobody’s Boy)

            Oh boy if I cried in Cedie, in this anime I became sad for days- especially when by one all their pets died and also Remi’s guardian/master Ginoong Vitalis. At first you get angry with Ginoong Vitalis, but when you understand where he was coming from and you'll appreciate his strict nature.
            There was female version of Remi but I like the first one from drawing, dubbing to music. 

The Trap Family Singers/ The Trapp Family Story
            This anime didn’t tell only about their being singers but how love finds way between aspiring nun and widow high rank military official with several kids. It was a great story for a whole family since it tackled parenting, siblings relationship and family’s togetherness in good time and bad times.

Peter Pan (The adventures of Peter Pan)

            One thing special about watching Peter Pan is till now I still don’t see the final episode of it. Each time that ending broadcasted I have school activity. Peter Pan wasn’t as dramatic compare the other first three but, it had entertaining and moral value as well.  Their tree house is the peg of my dream house.

            I can’t remember if I finish this anime but I remember how I’m angry with main villain name Pudong and the lead characters Julio and Julia.  I’m irritated with Julio and Julia beacause of their stupidity sometimes. 

There were also other popular anime but I didn’t like to watch like Sailormoon, Dragon Ball Z, A Dog of Flanders (this is too sad), 

Anime variations

When I was in highschool the kind of anime that I watched were varied. Maybe because the popularity and numbers of anime series had boomed those times. some of the memorable for me  were:
This was the first action adventure anime i watched. The story was beyond ordinary for its theme, magical characters and thrilling plots. I even memorized the chant that the witch was saying to transform small and weak Zenkie to tall and strong one. 
using machines and fighthing technique were some of the amazing things in this series. At first, i didn't like but as the story progressed i started to hook up with it because of the action scenes and my crush  Dr. Hokoto
I still remember the Filipino version of Opening song of this series. 

using elements, sweet love teams, and superb drawings, magic knight was really a remarkable anime for girls. I don't know but for me it's different from other all girls action heroes anime. The three lead characters had good journey from learning to use their weapons and powers plus nice love stories.  I like Marina's water element but i like the girl who controlled fire too plus her love story.

This is anime series might be cater kids but I’m totally into it during it ran in ABS-CBN. The characters were colorful, funny, dramatic and magical. I like Chacha because she’s funny and warrior at the same time. By the way, this where I get my online moniker because Akazukin Chacha is my all time top favorite anime series and character.       

Then there were times that I also watched Saber Marionette, The Slayers, Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo (Romeo’s Blue Skies), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Si Mary at ang Lihim na Hardin (Himitsu no Hanazono ), Blue Blink, Huck Finn, Heidi Girl of the Alps, Mojacko, Sweet Tale of St. Tail  and many more.    

 Part 2 the… days were I’m totally hooked up with anime series most especially Samurai X