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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5 Female Hollywood Celebrities I mostly search on Google

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Johnson are two of the Hollywood celebrities I like to search on Google. Of course, I'm not a stalker but someone who are fond of their personalities. Well perhaps, there something about them that I wish to have or I can relate to.

But before them let me tell you my other favorite female Hollywood celebrities and why.

Jennifer Garner - I think because of the many famous Jennifers ( Aniston, Lopez and Laurence) she ranks a little bit lower.  But I always see news updates about her and her family ( with husband -actor Ben Affleck).  Just seeing her or their family photos in the streets, casual outfit or going to school/ gym makes me feel positive on motherhood and family life.  I started to like Jennifer when she portrayed Electra in DareDevil ( with Ben). I like her physique, attitude and confidence.  If there's a person/ woman I want to follow that's her.

Kate Winslet - Blame it to Titanic era why I become accustom to her intense performances.  But honestly, I was sad when after Titanic she did  independent movies. But now I'm matured enough to understand, I admire the path she chose to enhance her skills not her popularity. Anyway, she doesn't need fame, she has that already- next to her lustrous acting stints like in Revolutionary Road, The Holiday, and The Reader. By the way, I like her stand on natural beauty and getting to know her characters.

Katie Holmes - During Dawson's Creek I'm so fan of her. She as Joey Potter was a character I can relate to up to this moment. What happened was I  dislike her movie choices or I didn't see much progress in her acting. But I respect her decisions in her love  and family life.  Anyway this is something I like to share to everyone. Celebrities are human too, we see them because they are working, so as much as possible let's stick to what they do and love to share in public.

Now she's back to what  really she is, I 'm looking forward to see what she can offer.

Kristen Stewart - I'm one of those who are irritated that press always bring back her past issue with that director. I know that it brought nothing but suffering for her well-being. But I commend that instead of getting away, she proves that she's an artist too. Nothing can stop her to act even if that means she has to endure awkward situations and questions.

IMHO, I like that she opts not to commit to anyone after Robert Pattinson. There's a news item that mentioned she's just happy that RPatzz found new love or happiness. Given what happened between them, it's really big step to gain trust if they stick to each other. The guy deserves happiness to whomever, in this case with FKA Twigs, and let them be. I hope RPatzz and FKA don't dwell on what other people dictate against them.    

Back to KStew, she's planning to take a break from acting. And I hope she finds the break she wants from Hollywood. I like her honesty, intense acting, grin or what they say stone face. I defy the norm that it's okay to smile even that's pretentious.

Dakota Johnson - the effect of Fifty Shades of Grey (by EL James) shines on me these days.  Funny that it's the movie trailer, not the news,  that inspired me to read the book. So I think the little acting of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan there is really captivating.

There's news that the reason why there's re-shoot of the film in Vancouver , Canada was because of lack of chemistry and "dish-rag" acting of Dakota.  Well I doubt that and I still eager to watch the film.

And outside 50 Shades... I find Dakota as decent,  vibrant and honest lady. I think auditioning and playing Anastasia Steele is challenging for her.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Theater inside my Heart

Believe me this is not a off-topic post, it just that I appreciate even more of having own place, where I can do things I love such as watching movies or drama series and reading books.   That's apart from I'm now a home-based worker and entrepreneur. But now I'm also dreaming of putting a home theater or create an entertainment room inside my own house.

A room is different from a house 

I'm such a passionate lady with lots of interest and works to do. Most of the time it's equal to messy room especially that the main venue of my activities is my bed room. what are they?
  • watching my all time favorite films and series.  - My problem now is how to organize my VCD/ DVD collections.
  • reading books -  I'm not a wild reader but definitely when  I'm one of those who want to finish an interesting book in one sitting.  my bookshelf is actually mixed of  my movie collections and  book
  • work - since 2007 I accept sideline and part time jobs given a chance. But now  I embrace the idea of full timely get various side line jobs I can take. But currently, I only have two regular freelance/ part time jobs. still looking for more? yes!
  • business -  I also enjoy serial entrepreneurship nowadays especially the online one - I'm a Global Pinoy dealer of Unified Products and Services 
When I joined a tour around Lancaster New City  in Cavite, I realized someday I need a full house for all my wants and needs  especially if I'll be like this for life - movie buff, couch potato, blogger and want to read more.  I'm such a simple person who is just ultimate dream is to enjoy life the way  I see  it.

Why I like Catherine House model in Lancaster? 

 There are  7 house models in Lancaster, but I like Catherine because of it's price (affordable at 1.2 million Philippine pesos or  27,522.972 US Dollar / 2,826,055.61 Japanese Yen)  and structure. It has three bedrooms, powder room, living area, dining area, kitchen and one-car garage.  It's perfect for home office and actualize my dream room dedicated for my pleasure. 

Dreaming what I'm dreaming?  Do you want to know more about Lancaster?

Please read Hoshi's post - 

    Saturday, July 5, 2014

    The Heirs...romantic and cheesy

    It's been a while since I watched a "recent" Korean series and about High School students.  Blame it on my real world but I can't relate anymore in cheesy lines that I used to love when I was a still student. So why I tried The Heirs  or the Inheritors? Was it because of Lee Min-ho? or I want to believe in their story?

    Perhaps it's because of the media hype and the story.  Watching this show is like unwinding from things that I do for a living.  I believe that Lee Min-Ho (LMH) is popular and handsome as well as Park Shin Hye is talented lass but they're not enough reasons for me to finish watching this  drama series that's so like Boys Over Flowers' plot.

    The Story is cliche with Punch of cheesiness

    What we expect  in a story about a rich boy meets poor girl plot?
    a. Parents' disagreements
    b. self-pity of the poor girl
    c. trying to fight the odds for the sake of love
    d. Love triangle
    e. all of the above plus other familiar scenarios

    And like the other series, The Heirs grabs all the choices to make meet hopeless romantic individuals' expectations. So given these notes, I think there are reasons that make it a top notch one such as:

    Impressive acting prowess from Main to supporting actors

    I watched LMH in Boys Over Flowers and Personal Taste. And I can see that he's been trying to do different roles to level up his skills. Though The Heirs is very idol drama, it showcase tasteful dialogues, great turn of events and impressive acting skills from LMH ( Kim Tan), Park Shin Hye (Cha Eun Sa), Kim Woo Bin ( Choi Yeong-do) , Kim Ji Won (Rachel Yoo), Kang Mhin Yuk (Yoon Chan Yeong), Krystal (Lee Bo Na),  Kang Ha-Neul (Lee Hyo-Shin), Choi Jin Hyuk (Kim Won), Park Hyung Sik ( Jo Myung-Soo), Kim Song-Ryoung ( Han Ki-Ae), Kim Mi Kyung (Park Hee-Nam), Choi Won Young ( Yoon Jae-Ho) and others.

    Apart from LMH and PSH; I commend Kim Mi Kyung and Kim Song-Ryoung because in some scenes I almost cry out of pity in their characters. I also like the bida-kontrabida stand of Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won-I. But to be honest, I like Krystal's acting and character. Usually, I'm annoyed with this kind of role but she gave different interpretation.  Her tandem with Kim Mhin Yuk adds coolness to her  and his story.

    Tasteful characters and intense scenes

    I can see questionable scenes but I  don't think they are big loopholes  to affect the entire series. For me the big edge of the film is it's equal treatment for every characters to stand out with or without  long exposure.

    • I sympathize with Yoon Jae-Ho's old flame with Ester Lee or mother  of Rachel Woo (played by Yun Son-Ha) as well as to frustration of Hyo Shin with his parents. 
    • I don't know if a mature person like Kim Won exists in the real world for he's truly insecure with Kim Tan to the bones but I can't hate him. His character  is well-defined and yes crown is truly heavy to bear.
    •   Bullying - Choi Yeong do is well known bully not only to Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang but also to his other classmates especially Moon Joon-Yoing ( played by Joo Yoon Wo).  But he has set of frustrations, regrets and mistakes too that drives him to be ask for forgiveness, concerns and love. 
    All in all , I like this series. Congrats to cast and crew of this series.