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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Summer's Desire presents extreme love triangle

After  4 years I finally watched and finished the Taiwanese drama Summer's Desire  starring Barbie Hsu, Peter Ho and Huang Xiao Ming.  It's a  TV adaptation of the same title novel written by Ming Xiao Xi produced by Ho.

Since I didn't read the novel, I'll stick with the show it self so don't get me wrong about the original  Summer's Desire or Bubbles of Summer

Almost impossible turns of events

If you are gal who like old type of series you'll probably praise how they present the love triangle angle in the show. You'll like Xia Mo's (Hsu) masochistic persona, possessive trait of Ou Chen ( Ho) and jealousy of Lu Xi ( Xiao Ming). I, myself, love the intense love among the three. But to be honest, their characters are poorly established because of the obvious pushy circumstances.

I remember the time I'm watching Devil Beside You, which is the same with this drama. Sort of preachy and unnatural flow of events. You'll ask in real life...

1. Are you going to hire strangers to act as parents of your only grandson and compensate them for the rest of their lives? 
2. Are you going to sing the same song or wear the same green lace from the start of your drama in life till your last scene on earth?
3. Is your kidney type is same with your brother and father?
4. Is the media people (especially in Taiwan) can be manipulate by powerful businessman?
5. And oh yeah, how come that you'll leave your greatest love-- who you snatch from other man, push to marry you and  so on so forth when you finally get her pregnant and tell you she's already fall in love with you? Is that called love?  

These are the questions slash doubts slash confirmations why Autumn Concerto rated better, which if I'm not mistaken showed almost the same time of this drama.  Actually, when it comes to plot  I like Summer's Desire than Autumn Concerto ( starring Vaness Wu and Ady An) because the latter offers obvious cliches in drama.   The advantage of it, it has better story line and believable scene. You can relate and have time to connect with the problems of lead characters because they are well establish. 

Top 1: Huang Xiao Ming as Lu Xi

Barbie is good and elegantly beautiful even in those scenes where she's just wearing white blouse and blue jeans.  But in my opinion, of all the characters in the show it's Lu Xi who is real and finely portrayed by Huang Xiao Ming (HXM).

It is my first time to watch a HXM's work and I'm impressed. even he sings the same song again and again, act as if there's always camera around him... he just simply believable.

From the start, Ou Chen is someone I really don't know how to explain. He drinks a lot as if that's the only thing he works on in his extravagant office. He manages different business but his routine indicates he has time for thinking for almost irrelevant things like "how to avenge to a woman who slaps you so many times?" While watching those scenes, my heart says he just giving justice for his love but in my mind, wow! Where can I find this man?

I don't know also if its only because Ou Chen is badly written and establish or Peter Ho is also ineffective in his role. He has cool stand, nice body and model like walk but in expression hmmmm.

But I hope Peter Ho will continue to produce series. As a I said this show has a nice plot so he has eyes for good project and he gets good actors. Perhaps, next time they see first what's applicable on TV series, what to change and how they gonna interpret it. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Meteor Garden…pride of Idol dramas from Taiwan

For Nth time I’m watching  Taiwanese series Meteor Garden again.  I just missed the simple story, the characters and foreign actors from it.

It was 2003 when it  first broadcasted in the Philippines.  It was one of a kind and new stuff that time since what we enjoyed prior to its invasion were telenovelas from Mexico, TV series from America and of course our very own soap operas or drama shows.

Meteor Garden (MG) was the gateway of other Taiwanese series and Korean dramas here.  There were Chinese series already but they were being broadcasted in odd hours and they seemed not being entertained that much by many Filipinos. Maybe it was because they couldn’t relate with epic dramas, costumes and fantasy. Although, we like movies of Jackie Chan and Jet Lee.

MG vs. other existing series in PHL

MG and other Taiwanese and Korean Series, dethroned Mexican telenovelas here. There are still few left but it’s not like before anymore. I think what MG showcased were:
·         Simple and fast storyline. Everything was smooth fast phased. Maybe the TV networks could stretch the broadcasting of it for three or more months but MG had only 19 episodes.
·         Good looking Taiwanese actors – Honestly, I didn’t know much about Taiwan or Taiwanese before MG.  But when it hit the local small screen, I learned that there were gorgeous men like them. My crush before in MG was Ken Chu who played Xi Men but I also acknowledged that Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei) and Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si) were pretty boys.  Don’t worry it happened also that I like Vanness Wu (Mei Sou) but in Autumn Concerto. Barbie is also pretty. She’s natural, glamorous and funky all these years.

MG vs. Taiwanese series

I admit that my top favourite series from Taiwan is They Kiss Again and It Started With A Kiss. But I can say if not number two – MG has always been special and better than other idol dramas.
·         Not trying hard in comedy – sorry to tell but many idol dramas have poor comedy relief. The worst part is they are not funny at all.
·         Not Preachy and talkative – some idol dramas are preachy in a sense that they forcing to teach lessons in life through dialogues of their characters. Let’s say there’s no effective way than to this but some dramas very artificially and overly done it. I think any normal teenagers can’t say those lines just like that.
·      Well done adaptation- I’ve been always keen in adaptation and doing version. Because you know there are master pieces that hard to translate in other media. Like story from popular works in mangas, novels, anime and theatre plays maybe become disaster if not tastefully adapted in TV and films.  For me, MG which is based in manga/anime Hana Yori Dango  is one rare cases of successful adaptation.

MG vs other versions of Hana Yor Dango

Because of its successful run and popularity in Asia, it was not surprising that other countries also copied its ideas.  Korea had Boys Over Flowers starring now popular actor Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyoon Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon and Kyu Hye Sun.  Japan of course had TV version of it and they stick with the original title Hana Yori Dango and it was starred Jun Matsumoto, Shun Oguri, Shota Matsuda, Tsuyoshi Abe and Mao Inoue . China had also version of it they call it Meteor Shower.

I can’t say about this part since what I only watched so far apart from MG was Boys Over Flowers, but seniority, popularity and lead female actress wise I choose MG.  

Note: Pictures are not mine. Please click each photos to know which sites they belong.  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fated To Love You... a cute but cliche story

I knew already about Fated To Love You (FTLY) specifically when it began to broadcast in Taiwan.  It created so much buzz because of its romantic story and Ethan Ruan (Hana Kimi) who became one of the A-list Taiwanese actors after the show. But I just watch it recently because at that time I opted to watch They Kiss Again of Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng than this show.


                FTLY follows the cliché story of poor girl meets rich boy. The difference is they make the story more mature because the lead characters are in their late twenties and they had baby in between their love story.
                Joe Chen as Chen Xin Yi is the famous sticky note girl who has no outstanding appeal. The character is comparable to other protagonists we already know be in Mexican, Korean and Filipino drama series. What gives life to her is the destiny of meeting Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Ruan). It’s like if she doesn’t meet him her life is simple as that forever but not with Cun Xi who’s madly in love with Anna (Bianca Bai) and running a big  family business.   Good thing she has Dylan (Baron Chen) who’s not only supporting her but also secretly loving her.
                The show is cute in tickling viewers’ heart; they had special treatment for the common scenes we expect to happen.  I like the running chickens in the last episode, the bullying of Cun Xi in the club where Dylan and Chin Yi is dating and other stuff like that. Then, I admit I cried when Chin Yi had accident, lost her baby, and afraid of meeting Cun Xi. I’m not a mother yet, but you can relate to her agony as a woman.
                Most of the comedy antics in the show are good, except that they tend to become noise and not that funny at times. The outstanding characters in the show are the grandma of Cun Xi (Tan Ai Zhen), mother of Xin Yi (Lin Mei Shiu), and Anson (Na Wei Xun). Although in many instances you’ll wonder if Anson is real man.
                Among the four lead characters, I rather pick Anna as the colourful one. You’ll angry with her actions but you clearly know where’s she’s coming from. I just don’t like that strawberry cake thing, which is very corny!  Dylan is ideal man who almost perfect but not appealing for he’s preachy and Mr. Know-It-All.  
                To be honest, I started watching the show on its 11th episode (which in my theory where the highlight or the major turning point really happens mostly in Taiwanese series).  Why? For me, you’ll only feel bad how poor girl Chen Xin Yi is in the first 10 episode. But there’s nothing wrong of watching those 10 episodes, I just choose to directly watch where the transformation happens.


                If you follow, I stated in the review that I cried when Xin Yi had miscarriage because of an accident. It would not happen if in the very start Cun Xi was in love with her or at least firmed in being responsible with the mother of his kid.
                Imagine the horror of bearing a child of a man who’s not in love with you and doesn’t mind the baby (we’ll in the show Xin Yi believes that). Not all women are strong enough to raise their kids physically, emotionally and psychologically.  They look down in their self and feel bad for their kids.
                So I think women should  be careful, be love and be brave. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Autumn Concerto… gives new light to Vaness as an actor

Autumn Concerto is one the shows that I’m intrigued to watch because of the rave reviews and promotions in Internet. When a friend asked me what to watch I suggested it to her. Then afterwards she was the one who convincing me to try to see it.

Why I’m hesitant to watch it?

First of all, the backbone of the story is a total cliché. A rich boy meets a poor girl. Secondly, here we go again with the significant illness- amnesia. Thirdly and lastly, I’m not a fan of Vaness Wu especially in acting side. I will not question him as a performer and look but as a dramatic actor, I doubt.

Why I tried to see it then?

I’m intrigued with the new look and packaging of Vaness, it’s far from his F4 days. Clean cut hair style, elegant outfit and profound facial expression. I think maturity and his new found lifestyle helps him to evolve into someone that is not only likeable but also admirable.

So to cut it short, it’s about him and maybe to see also Ady An (I watched her first in The Outsider opposite Dylan Kou) and the child wonder Xiao Xiao Bin.   

What’s my opinion about Vaness’ acting and the show?

Huge improvement and Autumn Concerto gave new light to Vaness as a star and actor. I don’t see Mei Zou anymore in Vaness Wu's acting. He’s intense and very hot. You’ll hate and love him as Ren Guang Xi.  Although I’m not convinced that he’s very believable as a lawyer. If I going to attend a court hearing and he’s the attorney, I’m sure my mind can’t focus. Hahahah!

Among the characters, I’m sort of hated Li Mu Cheng. Oh common give me a break with that kind character, no matter how extraordinary formula you got to establish her character. Although I acknowledge that if not with Li Mu Cheng, you’ll not appreciate other characters including Ren Guang Xi, Xioa Le, He Yi Qian (Tiffany Hsu) and Ren Guang Xi’s mother. Why I don’t include Hua Tou Ye (Chris Wu)? I also don’t like his character as it’s too stereotype for a support leading man.  

over all rate: Though the story is common, the twists and turns never fail to push you to watch for more. It is intense, romantic and a grand show for Vaness and Xiao Xiao Bin.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taiwanese Series... Idol dramas

One Taiwanese series that I’m curious to watch is Black and White of Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei of F4). According to some press releases and forums that I read, its sort o revolutionary for it’s different from common Idol Dramas.

Whether the show meets my expectation or not when I watch it, I’m still glad with its production staff & outfit. I’m not saying that I hate idol dramas because that definitely untrue, It just that I’m happy when someone tries something innovative and new. Isn’t ironic that the people who started out idol dramas in Asia – Meteor Garden’s Vic and Dir. Tsai Yueh Hsun are part of Black and White?

Actually after Meteor Garden, local networks here started to acquire more Taiwanese dramas that of course more of Idol Dramas. Some other that I remember were My MVP Valentine (starring 5566 & Angela Zhang), Love At the Dolphin Bay (Angela Zhang & Ambrose Hsu), 100 % Señorita (Joe Chen & Penny Lin), Love Storm ( Vic, Ken Zhu & Vivian Hsu), Marmalade Boy ( Ken Zhu), Mr. Fighting ( 5566), The Outsiders (Dylan Kou, Blue Lan Zen Long and Ady An), West Side Story (5566), Poor Prince ( Vic and Ken), The Prince Who turns Into a Frog or Frog Prince ( Joe Chen and Ming Dao), and Mars ( Vic & Barbie Hsu).

The Prince Who turns Into a Frog or Frog Prince

I remember one series but I forgot the title, it was like Hana Kimi for the leading actress look and act like a guy. The actress was so thin in that show. And it was broadcast every afternoon in GMA -7.

By the way, FOR ME Idol Drama is a Taiwanese series top billed by popular or promising actors and the plot is something in between reality and fantasy. Most of the recent and top rated shows with such kind were adaptations from manga or Japanese comics. Example of those were Hana Kimi, It Stated With A Kiss, Devil Beside You, Tokyo Juliet ( Ariel Lin &Wu Zun), Mars, Marmalade Boy and of course Meteor Garden.

With this idea, I would separate other popular dramas that I knew – Love at the Aegean Sea (Alec Su and Chae Rim), Lavender (Ambrose &Tammy Chen), A Chinese Ghost Story or Eternity (Barbie Hsu and Daniel Chan). I just realized now that Love in the City of Ruby Lin and Lu Yi is actually a Chinese Series, but that’s show was really cool.

My choices of being distinctive Taiwanese series are The Outsiders, Mars, They Kiss Again (sequel of It Started with a kiss) because they are not merely about love and dream. They tackle sensitive and worthy (apart of drugs and sex) issues. The Outsider was shown in ABC 5 (now TV5) I think in 2004.

What I like in idol dramas are they like live action animes and they sustain your fantasy about love, dream and tragedy. In addition to that is they featured pretty actors and actresses like Ella Chen (of S.H.E), Rainie Yang, Wu Zun, Ady An, Wallace Hou (from Love at the Dolphin Bay), Barbie Xu, Bianca Bai (Fated to Love You), Penny Lin (Lavender and 100% Señorita), Ruby Lin, Tiffany Xu (ISWAK &TKA), Vivian Hsu (Love Storm), Winnie Qian (Teng Tang Jin of MG), Baron Chen ( Dylan of Fated To Love You), Joe Cheng ( ISWAK and TKA), Mike He (Love Contract & Devil Beside You), Ming Dao (Frog Prince), Jerry Yan, Vic and Ken.

And as I wrote in my other entry, Ariel Lin is my favorite Taiwanese actress. I also like to express that Angela Zhang was also cool during her stint in Dolphin Bay and for singing Journey. I was really mesmerized by her voice.

Through the years, I notice the progress in Idol Dramas as they have high quality cinematography and appealing plot. It just some is still relying in popularity of the stars and produce low quality story/script. Sometime also, they’re into over exaggeration of suspension of disbelief, boring slapstick and monotonous visual effects.

Nevertheless these flaws are tolerable, see we continuously patronizing them. I just hope Extravagant Challenge materialized with Ariel and Jerry as the lead actors, Ariel and Mike will collaborate again, and I’ll see Black and White and Just Want to Depend on You. Hmmm wait; I’m still watching Fated to Love You of Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan.