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Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Heirs...romantic and cheesy

It's been a while since I watched a "recent" Korean series and about High School students.  Blame it on my real world but I can't relate anymore in cheesy lines that I used to love when I was a still student. So why I tried The Heirs  or the Inheritors? Was it because of Lee Min-ho? or I want to believe in their story?

Perhaps it's because of the media hype and the story.  Watching this show is like unwinding from things that I do for a living.  I believe that Lee Min-Ho (LMH) is popular and handsome as well as Park Shin Hye is talented lass but they're not enough reasons for me to finish watching this  drama series that's so like Boys Over Flowers' plot.

The Story is cliche with Punch of cheesiness

What we expect  in a story about a rich boy meets poor girl plot?
a. Parents' disagreements
b. self-pity of the poor girl
c. trying to fight the odds for the sake of love
d. Love triangle
e. all of the above plus other familiar scenarios

And like the other series, The Heirs grabs all the choices to make meet hopeless romantic individuals' expectations. So given these notes, I think there are reasons that make it a top notch one such as:

Impressive acting prowess from Main to supporting actors

I watched LMH in Boys Over Flowers and Personal Taste. And I can see that he's been trying to do different roles to level up his skills. Though The Heirs is very idol drama, it showcase tasteful dialogues, great turn of events and impressive acting skills from LMH ( Kim Tan), Park Shin Hye (Cha Eun Sa), Kim Woo Bin ( Choi Yeong-do) , Kim Ji Won (Rachel Yoo), Kang Mhin Yuk (Yoon Chan Yeong), Krystal (Lee Bo Na),  Kang Ha-Neul (Lee Hyo-Shin), Choi Jin Hyuk (Kim Won), Park Hyung Sik ( Jo Myung-Soo), Kim Song-Ryoung ( Han Ki-Ae), Kim Mi Kyung (Park Hee-Nam), Choi Won Young ( Yoon Jae-Ho) and others.

Apart from LMH and PSH; I commend Kim Mi Kyung and Kim Song-Ryoung because in some scenes I almost cry out of pity in their characters. I also like the bida-kontrabida stand of Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won-I. But to be honest, I like Krystal's acting and character. Usually, I'm annoyed with this kind of role but she gave different interpretation.  Her tandem with Kim Mhin Yuk adds coolness to her  and his story.

Tasteful characters and intense scenes

I can see questionable scenes but I  don't think they are big loopholes  to affect the entire series. For me the big edge of the film is it's equal treatment for every characters to stand out with or without  long exposure.

  • I sympathize with Yoon Jae-Ho's old flame with Ester Lee or mother  of Rachel Woo (played by Yun Son-Ha) as well as to frustration of Hyo Shin with his parents. 
  • I don't know if a mature person like Kim Won exists in the real world for he's truly insecure with Kim Tan to the bones but I can't hate him. His character  is well-defined and yes crown is truly heavy to bear.
  •   Bullying - Choi Yeong do is well known bully not only to Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang but also to his other classmates especially Moon Joon-Yoing ( played by Joo Yoon Wo).  But he has set of frustrations, regrets and mistakes too that drives him to be ask for forgiveness, concerns and love. 
All in all , I like this series. Congrats to cast and crew of this series. 


Monday, August 20, 2012

Meteor Garden…pride of Idol dramas from Taiwan

For Nth time I’m watching  Taiwanese series Meteor Garden again.  I just missed the simple story, the characters and foreign actors from it.

It was 2003 when it  first broadcasted in the Philippines.  It was one of a kind and new stuff that time since what we enjoyed prior to its invasion were telenovelas from Mexico, TV series from America and of course our very own soap operas or drama shows.

Meteor Garden (MG) was the gateway of other Taiwanese series and Korean dramas here.  There were Chinese series already but they were being broadcasted in odd hours and they seemed not being entertained that much by many Filipinos. Maybe it was because they couldn’t relate with epic dramas, costumes and fantasy. Although, we like movies of Jackie Chan and Jet Lee.

MG vs. other existing series in PHL

MG and other Taiwanese and Korean Series, dethroned Mexican telenovelas here. There are still few left but it’s not like before anymore. I think what MG showcased were:
·         Simple and fast storyline. Everything was smooth fast phased. Maybe the TV networks could stretch the broadcasting of it for three or more months but MG had only 19 episodes.
·         Good looking Taiwanese actors – Honestly, I didn’t know much about Taiwan or Taiwanese before MG.  But when it hit the local small screen, I learned that there were gorgeous men like them. My crush before in MG was Ken Chu who played Xi Men but I also acknowledged that Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei) and Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si) were pretty boys.  Don’t worry it happened also that I like Vanness Wu (Mei Sou) but in Autumn Concerto. Barbie is also pretty. She’s natural, glamorous and funky all these years.

MG vs. Taiwanese series

I admit that my top favourite series from Taiwan is They Kiss Again and It Started With A Kiss. But I can say if not number two – MG has always been special and better than other idol dramas.
·         Not trying hard in comedy – sorry to tell but many idol dramas have poor comedy relief. The worst part is they are not funny at all.
·         Not Preachy and talkative – some idol dramas are preachy in a sense that they forcing to teach lessons in life through dialogues of their characters. Let’s say there’s no effective way than to this but some dramas very artificially and overly done it. I think any normal teenagers can’t say those lines just like that.
·      Well done adaptation- I’ve been always keen in adaptation and doing version. Because you know there are master pieces that hard to translate in other media. Like story from popular works in mangas, novels, anime and theatre plays maybe become disaster if not tastefully adapted in TV and films.  For me, MG which is based in manga/anime Hana Yori Dango  is one rare cases of successful adaptation.

MG vs other versions of Hana Yor Dango

Because of its successful run and popularity in Asia, it was not surprising that other countries also copied its ideas.  Korea had Boys Over Flowers starring now popular actor Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyoon Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon and Kyu Hye Sun.  Japan of course had TV version of it and they stick with the original title Hana Yori Dango and it was starred Jun Matsumoto, Shun Oguri, Shota Matsuda, Tsuyoshi Abe and Mao Inoue . China had also version of it they call it Meteor Shower.

I can’t say about this part since what I only watched so far apart from MG was Boys Over Flowers, but seniority, popularity and lead female actress wise I choose MG.  

Note: Pictures are not mine. Please click each photos to know which sites they belong.  

Friday, January 28, 2011

Personal Taste… mismatches designs in the plot

No doubt Lee Min-ho is one the brightest Korean stars of his generation. So it is exciting to know that he has latest project Perfect Match or Personal Taste (PT) which differs from his popular character in Boys Over Flowers (BOF).

I’ll make this review short…

The lead actors – Lee Min Ho- He’s more handsome in PT and exudes more mature aura, the thing is when it comes to acting, I like him better in BOF. It’s no that he’s so blunt it just nothing extra ordinary in his acting or role (Jeon Jin Ho). He looks more like an architect slash ramp model. But I guess, this is good start for him to do away from cutie-cutie roles.

Son Yeh Jin – when I saw the poster of PT, it appeared that she looks older to Lee Min Ho, which is actually true. But when you watch the show, you’ll forget the age gap and resign to the idea that she looks older. She’s fine actress for the character of Park Kae In. You will sympathize to her love journey but surely, you will also be irritated with her being naive. By this roller coaster feeling for the character, it means she’s effective. But there’s one thing that disappointing about the establishment of her character, from wacky she becomes serious one in an instant.

The Supporting actors – I like the way I hate Wang Ji Hye (played by Kim iN Hee). You will hate her to the bone but she has reason to be like that. Though you don’t relate to her explanation, you will also have pity to her because she has unreasonable nature like she can’t do anything about that. I also like the idea that she throw to Park Kae In of why she stole Han Chang Ryul ( Kim Ji Suk) from her then dumped him later. It’s rare but happens that you fantasize a man because of the ideal package that you thought he has. That you started to believe in the idea only because he looks fine in others minds. Well, in Kim Ji Suk acting? No comment! But for Han Chang Ryul, he’s so pathetic. By the way, I like Manager Choi he’s cute though he’s gay. Hehehe!

The Plot – There are times that it becomes boring but you know that there’s something exciting that push you to stay watching. The other platform of the story revolves about architecture. After watching the series, I understand the business side of it but not the art. I can’t remember any design that allures me except of the chairs that Kae In does. Another thing is you can almost predict what will happen in the story. Good thing, Wang Ji Hye is alive character to save the entire plot.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Boys Over Flowers has better characterization

Note: I still don’t see yet Hana Yori Dango (Japanese series)

Over all, I think Boys over Flowers delivered something new in the hit story and history of Hana Yori Dango... even it was already has different versions. It also never failed to tickle the audience with romantic scenes and twists in the plot.

I, myself, was very excited to find out what were the changes they did. BOF exchange famous parts and add other interpretations in some. Since I watch already Meteor Garden (HYD of Taiwan), I want to know if it’s better. therefore i conclude, script wise and execution it's cool & good.

Of all of them (actually even in MG), I am attracted more in the character of Yi jung ( Sojiroh or Xi men) and especially in the actors that portray the character – Kim Bum in Korean version and Ken Zhu in Taiwan. I don’t know why (because in real life I can’t imagine that I’ll be like Ga Eul) but I think this character has a sweet-sour charm.

A playboy with loyal & kind heart, the character build up of Yi Jung (Kim Bum) is well established (of course, given that he had more exposure). Though I’m lost thinking when and how exactly he finally realized that he’s falling with Ga Eul (gladly, he did anyway). But all in all, I prefer their story and love team than Jan Di (Kyoo hye Sun) & Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) or Jan Di & Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong). One strong reason is of course I’m already too familiar with these three characters and their love stories. By the way, I really like Ga Eul (Kim Su Eun) – her character and the actress.

I also feel sad that Woo Bin (Kim Joon) had limited cut in the entire series compare to other three. He was a relief in dull moments and tough times. If you already watch BOF, you’ll notice that if Jan Di has Ji Hoo as her knight and shining armor, Jun Pyo and Yi Jung has hero/ friend in him. He also has interesting background and personality.

On Jun Pyo, I like that the writer describe him well through his struggles. This is I think the wonderful ingredient that some series missed because those rely only in dialogue to explain about a character/ situation or by using so musch back story (I have example in my mind and this blog). In Jun Pyo, I clearly understand why it’s hard for him to love someone who’s not in his class, apart from his mother’s issue.

Though, he’s hard-to-deal lad, he also has heart to love and mind to think about his responsibilities as a son of wealthy family and heir of a robust company. I don’t only hate or like him, I also sympathize with him. Hmmm, Lee Min Ho and Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si of MG) has similarities, don’t you think? And they both have winning smile. But if you’ll ask me, who has a killer smile, I’ll choose Jerry Yan.

When it comes to Ji Hoo, I think it’s safe to say that I still like Vic Zhou’s portrayal… even at that time he’s still raw in terms of acting and I’m not fan of him. But I like Kim Hyun Joong’s hairstyles.

In my opinion, there’s a difference between Jan Di and Shan Cai (Barbie Xu). The first one was tough while the latter was brave girl. In the first few episodes, I thought I’m watching a Sassy Girl’s reincarnation and Jan Di is a boyish gal. The build up of her character invested in how strong she is in terms of physical activities. She’s not intelligent and rich but she can swim and do different jobs. I’m very amused with this slant of her character. By the way, I admire Kyoo Hye Sun for being talented artist, I learned that she also writes and does theater works. But between shan cai and jan di, I choose the first one.

Other characters and part…

Ø Although she’s supposed to be a villain- I couldn’t hate Ha Jae Kyung (Lee Min Jung). I think if I’m Jan Di, I can also surrender my love if she’s my rival. It’s not because of our status in society but because she’s a dear friend to me. Actually of all the scenes in the series, I almost cried when she sincerely say sorry to Jan Di prior to her wedding ceremony with Jun Pyo. Btw, Lee Min Jung is pretty actress just like Lee Si Young or Oh Min Ji in BOF – the friend of Jan DI in Shinwa.

Ø There’s a scene in the last episode that was similar to a dramatic scene in Lovers in Paris

Ø I like the scenery and scenes shot in Macau, China especially those under the bridge

Ø With Jun Pyo’s capacity and luxurious ways, I have no doubt that he’s rich… unlike in hmmm

Ø I assume that Yi Jun doesn’t like to go home since he prefers to sleep in his cute studio.

Ø RIP to Jang Ja Yun (Sunny)!

Ø I really laugh when Jae Kyung asked Jan Di’s where’s her new home (she was already serving in Gu’s family that time). Hahhaha. She’s wondering what happened to Jan Di’s rented attic house ( watch it and you’ll find out why)