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Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Heirs...romantic and cheesy

It's been a while since I watched a "recent" Korean series and about High School students.  Blame it on my real world but I can't relate anymore in cheesy lines that I used to love when I was a still student. So why I tried The Heirs  or the Inheritors? Was it because of Lee Min-ho? or I want to believe in their story?

Perhaps it's because of the media hype and the story.  Watching this show is like unwinding from things that I do for a living.  I believe that Lee Min-Ho (LMH) is popular and handsome as well as Park Shin Hye is talented lass but they're not enough reasons for me to finish watching this  drama series that's so like Boys Over Flowers' plot.

The Story is cliche with Punch of cheesiness

What we expect  in a story about a rich boy meets poor girl plot?
a. Parents' disagreements
b. self-pity of the poor girl
c. trying to fight the odds for the sake of love
d. Love triangle
e. all of the above plus other familiar scenarios

And like the other series, The Heirs grabs all the choices to make meet hopeless romantic individuals' expectations. So given these notes, I think there are reasons that make it a top notch one such as:

Impressive acting prowess from Main to supporting actors

I watched LMH in Boys Over Flowers and Personal Taste. And I can see that he's been trying to do different roles to level up his skills. Though The Heirs is very idol drama, it showcase tasteful dialogues, great turn of events and impressive acting skills from LMH ( Kim Tan), Park Shin Hye (Cha Eun Sa), Kim Woo Bin ( Choi Yeong-do) , Kim Ji Won (Rachel Yoo), Kang Mhin Yuk (Yoon Chan Yeong), Krystal (Lee Bo Na),  Kang Ha-Neul (Lee Hyo-Shin), Choi Jin Hyuk (Kim Won), Park Hyung Sik ( Jo Myung-Soo), Kim Song-Ryoung ( Han Ki-Ae), Kim Mi Kyung (Park Hee-Nam), Choi Won Young ( Yoon Jae-Ho) and others.

Apart from LMH and PSH; I commend Kim Mi Kyung and Kim Song-Ryoung because in some scenes I almost cry out of pity in their characters. I also like the bida-kontrabida stand of Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won-I. But to be honest, I like Krystal's acting and character. Usually, I'm annoyed with this kind of role but she gave different interpretation.  Her tandem with Kim Mhin Yuk adds coolness to her  and his story.

Tasteful characters and intense scenes

I can see questionable scenes but I  don't think they are big loopholes  to affect the entire series. For me the big edge of the film is it's equal treatment for every characters to stand out with or without  long exposure.

  • I sympathize with Yoon Jae-Ho's old flame with Ester Lee or mother  of Rachel Woo (played by Yun Son-Ha) as well as to frustration of Hyo Shin with his parents. 
  • I don't know if a mature person like Kim Won exists in the real world for he's truly insecure with Kim Tan to the bones but I can't hate him. His character  is well-defined and yes crown is truly heavy to bear.
  •   Bullying - Choi Yeong do is well known bully not only to Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang but also to his other classmates especially Moon Joon-Yoing ( played by Joo Yoon Wo).  But he has set of frustrations, regrets and mistakes too that drives him to be ask for forgiveness, concerns and love. 
All in all , I like this series. Congrats to cast and crew of this series. 


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Now Playing: Winter Sonata Rewind

ABS-CBN brings back the series that started the invasion of Asian series in the Philippines with their rerun of Meteor Garden starring Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vaness Wu. Well, I'm touch but I'm not too excited because I'm also watching again the Korean series that inspired me to travel in South Korea and admired Bae Yong Joon - Endless Love series: Winter Sonata

Conquering my Fear  to watch it  again

I first watch  Winter Sonata on GMA 7 in 2004, if I'm right.  I'm glued to the show's characters, conflicts and setting.  I had so many reasons and  chances to watch it again but I refuse to due to fear I feel same sad feeling I experienced when the show ended up sort of sad note.

So after 10 years I rewatch it again because  I was able one their setting of the program - Nami  Island. if you happen to go there and don't know about Winter Sonata, you'll probably check it  because this show is well promoted there.

Of course, after 10 years I would like to think I matured and can handle now my emotion. hehehe!

Reuniting with the characters

Some change in my perception about the show especially the actors and their characters.  Of course, the way I see Park Yong Ha is different now knowing his gone by committing suicide. Choi Ji Woon was so fine for me before but now I hate her portrayal or simply hate her slow motion reaction .   But now I appreciate Park Sol Mi  ( who married  Four Sisters and All About Eve actor Han Jae Suk last year). One remain the same - I like Bae Yong Joon's acting.  Plus the songs. 

Apart from Winter, I also rewatching Mars starring Barbie and Vic, and later Mary Stayed Out Last Night

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seriously romantically inspirational- Baby faced Beauty

It is not only boring in the start but also so unbelievably sad story for the main character. The only thing she can proud of, which of course she doesn’t know, is her younger beautiful look despite of her age.  However, episode by episode, Baby faced Beauty (BFB) proves that its worth to watch, apart from its top billed by Jang Nara.

Jang Nara as Lee See Young. A hopeless lady with impossible determination, that’s her. In some point, I’m concern about Jang Nara why she accepts this project. It is way far from her previous series where I’m so entertained and she exudes powerful persona. I hate when she has to mum from others bad behaviors including her little sister Lee So Jin (played by Oh Yeon-Seo). But in the end, I forget that Jang Nara is who I’m watching who I see is Lee See Young. In that way, Jang Nara is an effective versatile actress.
            Lee See-young is really an impossible persona for me but maybe what pushes you in the deep make you an extra-ordinary woman.

Evil women. The antagonists in the show are all women. The main villain is played by Kim Min-seo who is Kan-Yung-seo in the story. I actually feel sorry to Yung-seo because even if she’s rich, talented and beautiful she’s a loser compare to Lee See young. I don’t hate her actually; who I hate so much in the first part was Lee So Jin. Because of her being materialistic and self-centered trait to extent even her sister is her victim. Good thing she finds time & experiences that change her. On the other note, I’m irritated to Director YUN (played by Na- Young–hee). At first her Na Young-hee’s facial expression whenever she thinks is cool but for the entire show it becomes nothing at all. Although I’m still irritated so she’s effective villain too.

Romantic men. I find that almost all of the men in BFB are romantic. Of course the exceptional among them are Choi Jin-wook (Daniel Choi) and President Ji Seong II (Ryu Jin). The difference between the two is huge. Jin-wook is funny young lad who has special talent in proving his belief. He’s the comedic relief in the show and one great source of romance. Although I’m not smitten of Daniel Choi’s look but for being Jin-wook he’s really cute. I love his smile because it is so contagious.
            What I can say about President Seong II is he’s unpredictable though he’s conservative. I love the journey of his affection toward Lee See young. You don’t know if he’s in love or just curious about her. He’s mean at the start but you can’t question his goodness.

 Over all. I commend the production design or whoever manages the clothes and settings of the show because the fashion sense is in there. I like the show because it is inspirational and makes it you to believe that don’t lose your hope so follow your dream. And I wish to find man like Jin-wook because I believe my life would not be dull with him. hehehehe

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dalja’s spring…clearly depicts women in their 30s

caricature of dalja (chae rim) & tae bong (lee min-ki)
Indeed each of us has different wishes in some point of our lives. We have some concerns when we are in our teenage years, then there are also when we go to our twenties.  So what’s our next problem when we reach our thirties?  Dalja’s Spring (DS) has point of views about this.

I am not yet in my thirties but I can relate to Daljah Oh, played by Chae Rim. Being career woman and single what’s next you ask for? Isn’t the man who will complement you? And our society whether you are in South Korea or in the Philippines, you are being pressured to have boyfriend or get married even before you get 30. I can relate to this so maybe I’m bias. Hehehe!

In the lighter manner, this drama tells the struggle of a woman who is not only being match to younger guy but also for being innocent in the field of love. I think DS clearly stated the pressure of being old especially if your lover is way younger than you. It is not only the ordinary people comparing you especially the parents of the guy but you yourself becoming insecure with other girls.

Acting wise, there’s no exceptional among the actors including Chae Rim and her leading man Lee Min Ki who played Kang Tae Bong.  But there are noticeable characters for me like Lee Hye Young’s Seon Joo and Yang Hee-kyeong’s Jang Young-nam.  They are intimidating, colorful and powerful personas. Tae bong’s mother which played by Kwon Ki-seon is also remarkable but there times she’s really irritable.

Watching it again the second time, I’m convince that Lee Min Ki is not my type. Hehehe. But he’s good in the show. I just notice that his eyes seems always searching for answers. Tae bong is only young and charming but I think Lee Hyeon-woo’s Yeom Gi-joong is still ideal guy for Dalja.  He changed and concerned about Dalja minus the scandal of his ex-wife.

 The show is both romantic and realistic.  There  are times that I laugh, I giggle and I realize so many points of being single. And I wish also that someday  I have my spring too! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Marry Me Mary...major players do confusing actions

I’m no big fan of Jang Geun-Suk (JGS) or Moon Geun-Young (MGY) but I’m very familiar with their celebrity status and I acknowledge their potentials.
When I learned Marry Me, Mary or Mary Stayed out All Night where they are the lead stars, I’m so interested to watch it. I know, they are hottest stars of their generation and I already watched some of their early works. I first saw Moon Geung-Yoon in Autumn in My Heart.  She really moved me with her portrayal that I concluded that she’s more dramatically effective than her adult counterpart Song Hye Kyo.  On the other note, I praised Jang Geun-Seuk in He’s Beautiful because he’s indeed the life of that series. 
JGS’ He’s Beautiful famous character Tae Kyung is somewhat similar with Kang Mong Gyul because they are both singers. They also have similar gestures especially when they angry. But Tae Kyung is better with his lips pouting when he’s annoyed. Mong Gyul is enjoyable character but since I already see JGS as Tae Kyung I can’t stop comparing the two. I may not be entitled to give unsolicited advice to JGS but getting this same kind of character is typecasting. Alright this project is excusable because he’s still effective and charming.
On the other hand, being Wi Mary is a fresh air for MGY who I always see in heavy drama projects (I also watch her in the film Love Me Not). I may not see yet her other romantic comedy films but her acting in the Marry Me, Mary is almost enough to say that she has potential in light drama. She’s very adorable and at some point, I perceive that she’s acting with much older guys.
Story & script. I don’t know if I’m going to notice this if I didn’t learn that the head scripter of the show changed in Episode 10 but yes, there are noticeable changes and confusing effect in the flow of the story and build of the characters.
  • · Jung –In (portrayed by Kim Jae-Wook) is very stiff career-oriented guy in the entire time of the show. But for the few last episodes, he looks funny and a man who doesn’t know what to do in his life. Since from the start he’s advantage against Mong Gyul is his self-discipline and intelligence why he ended up deciding stupid choices. Who will decide to live with the present of your ex-wife when you can afford to rent at least the cheapest one? Why on earth that you will announce that you’re not going to marry Mary on your wedding proper? But maybe that’s part of the twist so I excuse that.  Actually, confusing build up character is only additional to Kim Jae Wook’s ineffective acting. I’m irritated in the way he talks and walks. It as if he doesn’t enough vitamins in his stamina. Very far from his good performance in Coffee Prince.
  • ·          I know that somewhat Mong Gyul would realize that he really loves Mary. It is good that when he finally acknowledges that he loves Mary, he gets soft with his mood and music. It just that he’s too moody for a man or even for a rock star. If you know your career path and there’s opportunity for you to grab, you should be brave to try. It looks like he’s musician with his guitar, nothing else.
  • ·         I also hate Jung-Suk (Park Jun Gyu). Apart from is apparent sighing acting (as in he always sigh every time he talks) there’s no solid composure on he’s purpose in Mary and Jung-Ins Wedding. I already expected for his deep reasons or big announcements, but there’s none. But I commend that he exudes powerful persona with soft spot.
·         For me the commendable solid character in the shows are
§  Seo-Jun (KIM HYO-JIN) with her hot tempered personality and  unchanging love for Mong Gyul. She’s unpredictable and someone you can envy. It as if the only weakness she has is her attitude.
§  So Yeong (Lee Ah yeon) who is convincingly pretty mom with no sense of responsibility and easy go lucky lifetsyle.  You know her but you don’t know the next mess she can do.
§  I also like the band mates and friends of Mong Gyul and Mary.
  • ·         For the entire story, it is believable that Marry Me Mary is not your typical rom com series. It has good casting with cool acting. It just that there are scenes created for nothing and some major players are being manipulated by the writer. They do things that seem they not tend to do.
Music? I absolutely love all their music especially Hello-Hello, Superstar, My Precious and She's Mine.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Only you, romantically annoying

In line of re-watching old series, I got Only You top billed by Han Chae Young (Cha Eun-jae), Jo Hyun Jae (Han Yi Joon), Hong Soo Hyun (Ji Soo-yeon) and Lee Chun Hee (Jung Hyun-sung).

What I remember when it was broadcasted in the Philippines, I’m always in hurry to go back home to watch. I was also frustrated once that I asked a conduction of bus to tune in ABS-CBN for Only You.

After re-watching the show, I asked myself why I did like this series before. Am I so young then? In love with someone or I was moved by character of Jo Hyun Jae (the actor that I saw in Love Letter and Gumiho: Forbidden Love)? I just realize that though some parts remain appealing, I’m not convince that it is not as good as I perceive before.

One factor is the acting and character of Han Chae Young. Before I only notice that she might have scoliosis. It looked like there was something wrong in her shoulders especially whenever she walked. Now, I’m pissed of how slow she moves especially whenever she sees someone, while thinking and particularly while placing foods in the oven. I doubt if ordinary cooks or chefs would move like her.

I also hate when she keeps silent when she is being ask of important things. Few moments are okay but not in the entire series. It might be for the sake of expanding the twists in the story. Yes, if Eun-jae would answer straightforwardly and honestly questions thrown to her that might finish series ahead of time but probably there are alternative ways for that. I think because of Eun-jae carry most of the keys in subplots/ major plots, your sympathy becomes antipathy. Her decisions becomes irritating and irrelevance. She doesn’t know how correct misinterpretation about her. She doesn’t like follow up. Ultimately, she always blames Yi Joon for every misfortune she can think of.

However, I feel sorry for Han Chae Young because most of the time Yi Joon and her mother pull her arms. Well, thinking back that how slow she moves that might serve justice, peace!

On the other note, the supporting characters- Soo-Yeon and Hyun-sung are pathetic from start till end of series. Actually, you don’t have to bother with them especially with the latter, joke! I just wish their characters find happiness in answers to their sacrifices for Yi Joon and Eun jae.

For me, the characters that affectionately moving are Eun-jae’s mother and son? What would you feel that your daughter get pregnant without husband? And what would you think if your daughter is being underestimated of the family of her man? On Eun jae’s son part, what would you feel if one day your long lost father appeared in front of you?

But given these opinion of mine about the show, I’m not saying that it is bad. It is romantic with help Yi joon, dramatic, and yummy because of foods but I don’t like it as I like it before.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hotelier…serves romantic characters

Ten years after it was broadcast in television, I watched again Hotelier which was top billed by Song Hye Kyo, Kim Seung Woo, Song Yun Ah and my crush Bae Yong Joon.

After so much longing of perfect series that would tickle my romantic bone, at last I found one in Hotelier. I don’t know how many times I feel jovial or giggle just because of the characters, scenes and actors in the series.

Appealing characterization. My apology to Kim Seung Woo’s followers but I don’t find him handsome. I hate his eyebrows and even the way he walks in this series. However, I’m mesmerized in his acting as Han Tae Jun. You’ll definitely love him because of his personality and how brave he is in doing his responsibilities. In real life I don’t know if all Head Manager of Hotel could do what he does in the series.

And I can relate to Song Yun Ah’s character Suh Jin Hyung. I mean if I was in her situation I would feel and do the same. Ahhhh I envy that she captured the heart of Bae Yong Joon, even it was just his character Shin Dong-hyuk (Frank Shin). I agree that she’s simply attractive because of her naïve and funny character.

As Frank Shin, I can say that I’m totally into Bae Yong Joon. I like his smile, his wits, romantic antics and seriousness. Though at time, he seemed villain you’ll find that understandable. What man can do, if he’s in love at the same time being challenge about his work?

Another honest admission, I don’t like Song Hye Kyo here. Not personally but because of her character Kim Yoon Hee though in the end, she served so many solutions in the story. I sympathized especially in the relationship she has with her father. And I would not complain if the series said that she has so many admirers because she’s really beautiful.

I also like the character of Manager Oh Hyung Man (Huh Joon-Ho), Housekeeping manager Lee Soon-Jung (Choi Hwa Jung), and Leo (Choi Yong Min).

Captivating Scenes. Don’t blame me if I declare that my favorite scene in the series is when Frank called Manager Suh in the pool side to ask about the three hundred roses. It is my first time to see BYJ in trunks and wet. Wahhhhh he’s so handsome!!!!!

It also cool when there’s three split frames showing the triangle of Frank, Jin Young and Tae Jun. wah Jin Young, you are so lucky to have these guys. Another, significant scene is when Tae Jun has meaningful look to Jin Young in the glass while he’s inside of Diamond Villa and she’s outside also looking at him.

Of course, what make other scenes more alluring are the romantic lines.

Hotelier emphasizes the business and the significant of this field. Sometimes it looks like hard sell but it never go overboard.

So after a decade and second time of watching it, I fancy Bae Yong Joon and I super like Hotelier.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Personal Taste… mismatches designs in the plot

No doubt Lee Min-ho is one the brightest Korean stars of his generation. So it is exciting to know that he has latest project Perfect Match or Personal Taste (PT) which differs from his popular character in Boys Over Flowers (BOF).

I’ll make this review short…

The lead actors – Lee Min Ho- He’s more handsome in PT and exudes more mature aura, the thing is when it comes to acting, I like him better in BOF. It’s no that he’s so blunt it just nothing extra ordinary in his acting or role (Jeon Jin Ho). He looks more like an architect slash ramp model. But I guess, this is good start for him to do away from cutie-cutie roles.

Son Yeh Jin – when I saw the poster of PT, it appeared that she looks older to Lee Min Ho, which is actually true. But when you watch the show, you’ll forget the age gap and resign to the idea that she looks older. She’s fine actress for the character of Park Kae In. You will sympathize to her love journey but surely, you will also be irritated with her being naive. By this roller coaster feeling for the character, it means she’s effective. But there’s one thing that disappointing about the establishment of her character, from wacky she becomes serious one in an instant.

The Supporting actors – I like the way I hate Wang Ji Hye (played by Kim iN Hee). You will hate her to the bone but she has reason to be like that. Though you don’t relate to her explanation, you will also have pity to her because she has unreasonable nature like she can’t do anything about that. I also like the idea that she throw to Park Kae In of why she stole Han Chang Ryul ( Kim Ji Suk) from her then dumped him later. It’s rare but happens that you fantasize a man because of the ideal package that you thought he has. That you started to believe in the idea only because he looks fine in others minds. Well, in Kim Ji Suk acting? No comment! But for Han Chang Ryul, he’s so pathetic. By the way, I like Manager Choi he’s cute though he’s gay. Hehehe!

The Plot – There are times that it becomes boring but you know that there’s something exciting that push you to stay watching. The other platform of the story revolves about architecture. After watching the series, I understand the business side of it but not the art. I can’t remember any design that allures me except of the chairs that Kae In does. Another thing is you can almost predict what will happen in the story. Good thing, Wang Ji Hye is alive character to save the entire plot.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh my lady… typical but you’ll still love it

Seeing here last time in Dalja’s Spring, Chae Rim’s character in Oh My Lady (OML) would be look like a typecast one. She’s perceived as ajumma (older woman) and she found love in younger and good looking guy. The show might have predictable plot but I still entertains me because it has enticing twists and very satisfactory acting.

First that I would like to commend is Lee Hyeon-woo, who always portray the other ideal guy in every series that I watched (Wedding, Attic Cut, and Dalja’s Spring). In OML, I appreciate his character as Yoo Si-joon. He really looks like boss, cold but compassionate man. He doesn’t have to be involved romantically with Yoon Gae-Hwa (Chae Rim) to steal the limelight but you can see that his character has important impact both to lead actress and lead actor (Choi Si Won).

On Choi Si Won (Seong Min-Woo), I only know him because of his Fireflies music video with Ariel Lin and from there I learned that he’s part of popular group Super Junior. So before OML, I don’t bother to know him. He’s acting is cute if not superb. He’s able to make me giggle and excite. And he’s posture, walk and talk really exudes the heartthrob that you’ll fantasize. Of all  he did in the show, I appreciate how he sings in the stage that means he really has voice though I don’t follow or fully understand his song. I was actually excited to see him in Skip Beat if he only team up with Ariel Lin together with Donghae. I expect he do better in that show because it’s a big project given that it’s adaptation from manga, heavy drama and collaboration between Korea and Taiwan entertainment.

And all the part of the support cast are fantastic in their own way. It just that the two that stand out from theme are the young stars, Kim Yun Bin (as Ye-Eun , the mute daughter of Seong Min-Woo) and Bang Jun-Seo ( as Kim Min-Ji, the adorable daughter of Yoon Gae-Hwa). They are so cute and have very fantastic acting!

As for Chae Rim, the different thing that she made for me in OML is to make me cry. I forgot the particular episode but I think it’s more of being desperate in life of having divorce and still fighting for the sake of her daughter. And for the nth time, I like her smile!

Friday, October 29, 2010

You're Beautiful...Taekyung

It’s been a long time since my last serious post. And now, my first entry after my hiatus is about You're Beautiful / He’s Beautiful.

Though I don’t find time and interest to watch series in the past months, I never stop reading news about Asian actors and latest series. Because of this, I’m aware that He's Beautiful was one of the talk of the town last year. And since a friend of mine recommended it to me, I give it a try.

For me, the major point of the show is the character of Tae Kyung who is played by Jang Geun Suk (JGK). His character has lot of potentials to capture interests and it’s not very typical to any dramas lately. Tae Kyung is unique for being leader of the boy band that is clean freak and unreasonable fashion statement. Sometimes I find Jang Geun Suk’s outfits so gay especially those outfits with extra fabric in the chest part. I don’t’ know, maybe I just always see that kind of clothe in women. Eventually, I accept that as part of the packaging of his character.

JGK’s acting is outstanding in such a way that I can’t compare him to other Korean actors that I know. His lip pouting, anger or teasing look and even the way he walks are all new to me. I find Tae Kyung so cool; cause that what I’m looking for ‘something new.”

Another plus point in the series is the setting. It’s interesting to know how a famous group live off cam. So from this series, we can learn that boy bands are usually living together in a nice house that is complete with music instruments and everything they need. So my advice for fans, find the house of your idols than go to their studio outfit. Joke! I also like when A.N. Jell members help each other and make fun of them selves.

But my praise for the show will have to end in these parts. I’m not telling that actors, characters and other part of the story are not good, it just that everything in the show reminds me of the common formula in a series. Let me explain in details:

A male friend of mine, once said that one of the typical ingredient in Korean series is the pathetic other male lover. Kang Shin Woo (Jun Yong-Hwa) is one manifests that opinion. He’s so loser that whatever he does he never get the chance to at least get Go Mi Nyu (Park Shin Ye) interest. If I’m the financier of his expenses to date Go Mi Nyu (GMN), I’ll regret of helping him and I would probably advise him to stop because he’s wasting my money. First he bought expensive shoes for GMN that he forgets to give and when she finally wears those he just advice her to throw those (or something to that effect). Then, he disguise in a public place and follow wherever GMN goes but when she’s about to see him he just let her go. But the most, undesirable of all is when he sets dates with her in a hotel. In just one call he gives up.

Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) is also typical sidekick for comical side. He maybe help to balance the heaviness in the ANJELL’s secret but he just too average. You will not take him seriously, as in. I rather choose Manager Ma Hoon Yi (Kim In Kwon). He’s natural comedian. The antagonist Yoo He Yi (UEE) is common as in very common. Evil as in evil, you will not sympathize to her nor understand where she’s coming from. (One of the cool examples of villain for me is the one in All About Eve opposite Chae Rim).

At first, I don’t find Park Shin Ye as beautiful that most of her male friends admire her beauty. But I think, she’s beautiful in terms of her emotional side not physically. Again she’s typical protagonist that usually bullied by antagonist. But Park Shin Hye’s acting is nice.

There are instances that I can help but to laugh and the most memorable scene for me is when Tae Kyung, Shin Woo and Jeremy dance again their Bi BI Noodles commercial.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Boys Over Flowers has better characterization

Note: I still don’t see yet Hana Yori Dango (Japanese series)

Over all, I think Boys over Flowers delivered something new in the hit story and history of Hana Yori Dango... even it was already has different versions. It also never failed to tickle the audience with romantic scenes and twists in the plot.

I, myself, was very excited to find out what were the changes they did. BOF exchange famous parts and add other interpretations in some. Since I watch already Meteor Garden (HYD of Taiwan), I want to know if it’s better. therefore i conclude, script wise and execution it's cool & good.

Of all of them (actually even in MG), I am attracted more in the character of Yi jung ( Sojiroh or Xi men) and especially in the actors that portray the character – Kim Bum in Korean version and Ken Zhu in Taiwan. I don’t know why (because in real life I can’t imagine that I’ll be like Ga Eul) but I think this character has a sweet-sour charm.

A playboy with loyal & kind heart, the character build up of Yi Jung (Kim Bum) is well established (of course, given that he had more exposure). Though I’m lost thinking when and how exactly he finally realized that he’s falling with Ga Eul (gladly, he did anyway). But all in all, I prefer their story and love team than Jan Di (Kyoo hye Sun) & Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) or Jan Di & Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong). One strong reason is of course I’m already too familiar with these three characters and their love stories. By the way, I really like Ga Eul (Kim Su Eun) – her character and the actress.

I also feel sad that Woo Bin (Kim Joon) had limited cut in the entire series compare to other three. He was a relief in dull moments and tough times. If you already watch BOF, you’ll notice that if Jan Di has Ji Hoo as her knight and shining armor, Jun Pyo and Yi Jung has hero/ friend in him. He also has interesting background and personality.

On Jun Pyo, I like that the writer describe him well through his struggles. This is I think the wonderful ingredient that some series missed because those rely only in dialogue to explain about a character/ situation or by using so musch back story (I have example in my mind and this blog). In Jun Pyo, I clearly understand why it’s hard for him to love someone who’s not in his class, apart from his mother’s issue.

Though, he’s hard-to-deal lad, he also has heart to love and mind to think about his responsibilities as a son of wealthy family and heir of a robust company. I don’t only hate or like him, I also sympathize with him. Hmmm, Lee Min Ho and Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si of MG) has similarities, don’t you think? And they both have winning smile. But if you’ll ask me, who has a killer smile, I’ll choose Jerry Yan.

When it comes to Ji Hoo, I think it’s safe to say that I still like Vic Zhou’s portrayal… even at that time he’s still raw in terms of acting and I’m not fan of him. But I like Kim Hyun Joong’s hairstyles.

In my opinion, there’s a difference between Jan Di and Shan Cai (Barbie Xu). The first one was tough while the latter was brave girl. In the first few episodes, I thought I’m watching a Sassy Girl’s reincarnation and Jan Di is a boyish gal. The build up of her character invested in how strong she is in terms of physical activities. She’s not intelligent and rich but she can swim and do different jobs. I’m very amused with this slant of her character. By the way, I admire Kyoo Hye Sun for being talented artist, I learned that she also writes and does theater works. But between shan cai and jan di, I choose the first one.

Other characters and part…

Ø Although she’s supposed to be a villain- I couldn’t hate Ha Jae Kyung (Lee Min Jung). I think if I’m Jan Di, I can also surrender my love if she’s my rival. It’s not because of our status in society but because she’s a dear friend to me. Actually of all the scenes in the series, I almost cried when she sincerely say sorry to Jan Di prior to her wedding ceremony with Jun Pyo. Btw, Lee Min Jung is pretty actress just like Lee Si Young or Oh Min Ji in BOF – the friend of Jan DI in Shinwa.

Ø There’s a scene in the last episode that was similar to a dramatic scene in Lovers in Paris

Ø I like the scenery and scenes shot in Macau, China especially those under the bridge

Ø With Jun Pyo’s capacity and luxurious ways, I have no doubt that he’s rich… unlike in hmmm

Ø I assume that Yi Jun doesn’t like to go home since he prefers to sleep in his cute studio.

Ø RIP to Jang Ja Yun (Sunny)!

Ø I really laugh when Jae Kyung asked Jan Di’s where’s her new home (she was already serving in Gu’s family that time). Hahhaha. She’s wondering what happened to Jan Di’s rented attic house ( watch it and you’ll find out why)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

not keen for adaptations

I'm currently watching Fated to Love You on our local TV, but compare to Dalja's Spring - the show that I watched avidly, I'm not totally hooked to it. Maybe because I'm already aware of the plot and that plot is very common - poor girl meets rich boy.

However, I'm interested to buy a DVD copy of it - I think it's better to watch it continuously than waiting in TV with lots of commercial and limited airtime.

The main course:

I'm a little bit disappointed with the new trend in Philippine local TV, I think they are more focused on adaptation or to have a Pinoy version of international series and movies.

Actually it started out in remaking classic master pieces of award-winning and in demand artists such as the late Mars Ravelos, Lino Brocka and Ishmael Bernal. Then Sharon Cuneta's movies so on and so forth. Though I hate to see the other version of my favorite films on TV (because I tend to stick with the original one), it far better than having foreign product for them to adapt.

Bringing back classic Filipino hits offer more advantages and one of those is to make the new generation be aware of these master pieces that their lolo & lola (grandparents) adored before. I thought it's gonna be a weekly thing or theme of a certain program like Sinenobela of GMA 7 or Sineserye of ABS-CBN.

So far, GMA 7 has Pinoy version of My Name is Kim Sam Soon (starring Regine Velasquez & Mark Anthony Fernandez), Marimar (a show that put Marian Rivera to Stardom), Lupin (Richard Gutierrez), Zorro ( again, Richard G.), All About Eve ( Iza Calzado for Chae Rim's character and Sunshine Dizon for her villain) and soon Rosalinda. I heard they're also planning to remake Coffee Prince which probably top billed By Jennica Garcia and Dennis Trillo.

On the other hand, ABS-CBN did My Girl starring Kim Chui and Gerald Anderson and I Love Betty La Fea (top billed by John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo). Currently, they are producing Lovers In Paris (starring KC Concepcion & Piolo Pascual) and Only You (Angel Locsin, Sam Milby and Diether Ocampo).

Filipino Version
I respect if these shows generate revenues because of high ratings, but for me, I'm not interested to watch those. I like Iza Calzado, as much as I like Chae Rim, but original is original for me. I can't stop comparing the first and the second, especially if I really like the first one and the adaptation is not cool.

I believe this trend kills innovation, creativity and true Filipino artistry. I was happy when Telefantasya and fantaserye became hit because of the effects and original script. If this genre is already out, then networks should think another innovative trend.

original-Korean series
Because of this, I'm mostly tune in TV5 because they make me watch 5 -episode anime and Hollywood films. And I would like to congratulate masterminds behind Tayong Dalawa, Kahit Isang Saglit, and Luna Mystika because they choose to have ingenious programs despite of ratings war and "remaking" trend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

18 vs. 29… fine storyline

I've known the lead stars of Korean series "18 vs. 29" Park Sun Young (Yoo Hye-chan) at Ryu Soo Young (Kang Sang-young) in their supporting roles in Oh! Pil Seung and Bong Soon Young" and Bright Girl. For me, they gave justice to their roles in those series so though they're not so famous I'm interested to watch 18 vs. 29.

What I like in the show was it gave me a hint on how’s the the life of being a wife of a famous actor and TV script writer. You know- handling time, intrigues and even girls. I also like how they made comedy and drama from the plot of a married woman that got amnesia. Hahaha! All the flashbacks were cute and I felt I wanna go back to high school.

The major plot (the amnesia and divorce issue) was well distributed in each episode so I obliged to finish each one of those. For that, I would like to congrats the writers. They know how to put cliff hangers to hook the audience like me.

The supporting characters such as Shin Ji-young (Park Eun Hye) was effectively acted and described. I know where she was coming from and her intentions. Lee Joong Moon as Kim Noon was also cool. He gave justice to his portrayal of a young student who fell in love with a sick married woman. Furthermore, I’m fond of Yoo Hye-won (Jo EunJi) and Kang Bong-kyu’s (Lee Sang Woo) love story. I even prefer them than the main characters. Lee was handsome for me in the series though he was mute.

Of all, I hate the character of Shin Goo as the grandfather of Sang- young. It was not because he’s against to the desires of his grandsons, but for his shouting-mode. I’m glad that my grandfathers are not like him. Hehehe!

Going back to the main stars, I don’t think they had screen chemistry though were good in their individual roles. Soo Young was good acting a man longing for his lost mother, rebelling to the will of his grandfather, handling his showbiz career and married life. Likewise, Sun Young was very fine in many scenes in the show.