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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5 Female Hollywood Celebrities I mostly search on Google

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Johnson are two of the Hollywood celebrities I like to search on Google. Of course, I'm not a stalker but someone who are fond of their personalities. Well perhaps, there something about them that I wish to have or I can relate to.

But before them let me tell you my other favorite female Hollywood celebrities and why.

Jennifer Garner - I think because of the many famous Jennifers ( Aniston, Lopez and Laurence) she ranks a little bit lower.  But I always see news updates about her and her family ( with husband -actor Ben Affleck).  Just seeing her or their family photos in the streets, casual outfit or going to school/ gym makes me feel positive on motherhood and family life.  I started to like Jennifer when she portrayed Electra in DareDevil ( with Ben). I like her physique, attitude and confidence.  If there's a person/ woman I want to follow that's her.

Kate Winslet - Blame it to Titanic era why I become accustom to her intense performances.  But honestly, I was sad when after Titanic she did  independent movies. But now I'm matured enough to understand, I admire the path she chose to enhance her skills not her popularity. Anyway, she doesn't need fame, she has that already- next to her lustrous acting stints like in Revolutionary Road, The Holiday, and The Reader. By the way, I like her stand on natural beauty and getting to know her characters.

Katie Holmes - During Dawson's Creek I'm so fan of her. She as Joey Potter was a character I can relate to up to this moment. What happened was I  dislike her movie choices or I didn't see much progress in her acting. But I respect her decisions in her love  and family life.  Anyway this is something I like to share to everyone. Celebrities are human too, we see them because they are working, so as much as possible let's stick to what they do and love to share in public.

Now she's back to what  really she is, I 'm looking forward to see what she can offer.

Kristen Stewart - I'm one of those who are irritated that press always bring back her past issue with that director. I know that it brought nothing but suffering for her well-being. But I commend that instead of getting away, she proves that she's an artist too. Nothing can stop her to act even if that means she has to endure awkward situations and questions.

IMHO, I like that she opts not to commit to anyone after Robert Pattinson. There's a news item that mentioned she's just happy that RPatzz found new love or happiness. Given what happened between them, it's really big step to gain trust if they stick to each other. The guy deserves happiness to whomever, in this case with FKA Twigs, and let them be. I hope RPatzz and FKA don't dwell on what other people dictate against them.    

Back to KStew, she's planning to take a break from acting. And I hope she finds the break she wants from Hollywood. I like her honesty, intense acting, grin or what they say stone face. I defy the norm that it's okay to smile even that's pretentious.

Dakota Johnson - the effect of Fifty Shades of Grey (by EL James) shines on me these days.  Funny that it's the movie trailer, not the news,  that inspired me to read the book. So I think the little acting of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan there is really captivating.

There's news that the reason why there's re-shoot of the film in Vancouver , Canada was because of lack of chemistry and "dish-rag" acting of Dakota.  Well I doubt that and I still eager to watch the film.

And outside 50 Shades... I find Dakota as decent,  vibrant and honest lady. I think auditioning and playing Anastasia Steele is challenging for her.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

10 interesting Hollywood Actresses

Movies and TV series introduce me to different international stars. So if someone going to ask me about controversial  celebrities who I didn't see yet in films or TV shows I most likely ignore them. But of course, not all Hollywood actresses catch my interest. There must be something in them.

Jennifer Garner

I don't know who is Elektra is and what is the other thing about word Alias till I know Jennifer Garner who I first saw in DareDevil where she met her husband Ben Affleck.  I'm astonished in the way she moved in that Marvel film. She looked powerful and at the same time very attractive there. In my opinion, Elektra, her solo film, is not bad and well executed. It just that if you like action film appealing to adult, it will not meet your expectation.

Maybe I too fond of her (I admired her body then, which dreamed to achieve) that's why even if I'm not interested in the story line I still watched 13 going on 30, Catch and Release, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and ButterJuno is exceptional because it became one of my favorite films thanks to Ellen Page. I also like her character in Valentine's Day . By the way, I 'm delighted whenever I read news about her family. It makes me wish to have the same relationship and kind of motherhood. 

Kristen Stewart

I'm not one of those who didn't defended her when she had controversy last year,  but I'm of those people who would feel bad if she decided to quit showbiz and if she and Robert Pattinson didn't reconcile. It is because I like most of the films that she picked. Okay, let's say that I just started to notice her in Twilight Series. But if she is really not that good, why I bothered to watch Yellow Handkerchief, The Runaways, Adventureland, and Snowwhite and The Huntsman. And I'm eager to watch Panic Room and On the Road.
I believe she's fine actress and she has this charm that irritates some but still interesting. 

Julia Stiles

I wonder where she is right now or if she will do movie again where she is the leading actress. I still don't see  Silver Linings Playbook. But there was a time that I'd like to see her films. I started to like her in Save The Last Dance, one of my favorite dance films. But I also saw 10 Things I Hate About You, Mona Lisa Smile and lovely romantic film Prince and Me.  I'll watch Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum soon where she co-starred with Matt Damon

Winona Ryder

I'm a late bloomer in following  Winona Ryder's movies. I only watch of her  Reality Bites, Beetle Juice, Edward  Scissorhands, and Girl, Interrupted  few years ago.  I admire her beauty during her heyday and  I think she still pretty nowadays though she's a little bit thin and aloof. Her beauty is not glamours but something you'll not snub. 

It is nice also to know that she starred as Josephine March in my favorite novel Little Women where she paired with Christian Bale ( Dark Knight) who portrayed  Laurie. I hope to see her in another eccentric, top caliber and box office hit film project or a romantic comedy series.

Katie Holmes

Yes, I like her ever since her Joey Potter's days in Dawson's Creek.  I watched First daughter, The Gift, Go, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Abandon, and Disturbing Behavior. To be honest, nothing beats her portrayal in DC but maybe I'm just too attached in her character. 

But I could feel that she's trying to avoid similar character in her films especially in Disturbing Behavior with James Marsden, Abandon with Benjamin Brat, and the gift when she had topless scene with Keanu Reeves. Somewhat, I think Katie should not only try different roles but also try to remove her usual mannerism. The last film of her that I watched was Dark Knight with Christian Bale and yes, she's not impressive there.  But still, I like her. 

Kate Winslet

I know for a fact that I admire this woman because of her talent and personality. A woman who knows what she wants and hunger to achieve it. I never realized it at first in box office hit Titanic where she was paired for first time with Leonardo DiCaprio. After that James Cameron's film, it was disappointing when I learned that she accepted roles that were far from the standard of Titanic.  But today, I understand what she did and I respect her for that. 

Her other works that I already saw and recommend are Revolutionary Road  ( her second film with DiCaprio and directed by her 2nd husband Sam Mendes), The Holiday ( with Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, and Jude Law). My next targets to see are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland (with equally talented artist Johnny Depp) and The Reader

Drew Barrymore

Not all news about her are interesting for me and I can't compare her to other award winning actress but  I watched her chic films. Because you know,  her films satisfied ordinary women's dream like me. I watched Ever After (with Anjelica Huston and Dougray Scott), Never Been Kissed (with Jessica Alba, Leelee Sobieski, David Arquette and Michael Vartan, The Wedding Singer (with Adam Sandler), Charlie's Angels series (with Cameron and Lucy Liu),   Music and Lyrics ( with  Hugh Grant), and He's Just Not That Into You  (with Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johanson, Jennifer Connelly,  Ginnifer Goodwin, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck and her boyfriend then Justin Long) 

Most of her film are categorized under chic film and  romantic-comedy. It's maybe also the reason why she hardly  got approval in her serious and true to life film Riding in Cars With Boys. To be honest and like Holmes, I don't see any award winning portrayal yet of her but I still want to watch her films. And I'm eager to see 50 First dates, Going The Distance and her first directorial debut Whip it starring Ellen Page.

Keira Knightley

She's another English actress that I like aside from Winslet. I love her accent, her frown and portrayal in her roles in Pride and Prejudice and Atonement. I also saw Last Night (with Sam Worthington, Guillaume Canet, and  Eva Mendes ) and Love Actually. I still need to watch Pirates of Caribbean (with Depp and Orlando Bloom) to see a different Knightley. 

Since I often see her in serious films, it gonna be different if she accepts romantic-comedy film though I love her in film like Pride and Prejudice. 

Emma Stone

Easy A was the key why I  got to know Emma Stone who I also watched in Crazy Stupid Love and The Amazing Spiderman with her reel and real honey Andrew Garfield.  

I like her and her boyfriend, well they looked good together and they exude real positive vibes. I also like her being  honest, cheerful and funny.  

Kate Beckinsale/ Ellen Page

Since watching Juno I really like Ellen Page. But I think I need to see more film of her because apart from Juno, Inception and X Men The Last Stand, I don't know other works of her. I would like to see her performance in Whip It..  

On the other hand, I started to notice the beautiful Kate Beckinsale when I finally watched her action films Underworld series. I also already saw her classic romantic film Serendipity  (that sorry it didn't appeal to me) and her latest action packed villain role in Total Recall I still need to catch up to her other films and I'm particularly eager to see Pearl Harbor, Laurel Canyon and Van Helsing. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day...has amazing twists

Valentine's Day poster

- amazing cast

-cool twist and turns of plots

-romantic, entertaining and inspiring

-Jennifer Garner has more exposure with Ashton Kutcher

-but Julia Roberts has amazing story for me

-while Anne Hathaway is unusual here ( in cool side i mean)

-Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper are hot lads. hahaha i like there roles

-the boy named Edison is so adorable and talented.

-the Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are so hilarious. though i find swift o.a. in some scenes.

i like the film and ill grab its DVD copy for my collection.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

13 going on 30

It’s been while since I write a comment a.k.a. review for series (Asian) or other stuff that I watch. Lately, I’m more into movies than watching series or television programs. Actually, I had many films in my list but I’ll start with the most recent – “13 going on 30” top billed by Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo.

I admit I like most of Jennifer’s things such as the way she carries her self, her body (in the movie); her love for her family and parents; and closeness to her buddies (well I hope I’m not mistaken).

13 going on 30 is a fantasy, romantic, comedy and inspirational film that suits to same bracket mention in the title. In this flick, I first saw how far Jennifer could go from her action routines in Alias and Electra, but of course, I already saw her Juno and Catch and Release (where Timothy Olyphant was very sexy for me).

It’s my second time, but I think I still feel what I felt the first time I saw 13 going on 30 in 2004. The only difference now is I become more familiar with parts that I didn’t catch on theatre. Although at times, even he has nice voice I don’t understand Mark. But that’s okay; I think he had convincing acting there though not that good. Some of my friends have crush on him or at least consider him handsome but for me, he can be sexy and cute.

More than acting, I like the flow of the story. The messages it wanted to convey especially to teenagers who like to grow up fast and be “thirty, flirty and thriving.” I myself did dream like that when I was younger. I also wanna be in control and be successful one.

The young Jenna Rink (Christa Allen) could be a lucky tweener if she only knew. She had loving and understanding parents and a very loyal best friend (Sean Marquette as young Math Flamhaff). But like most of the young girls who want to join “in” things, she was blinded.

Her wish of becoming a 30 years old woman happened all of sudden, when she locked herself in a room where Matt’s gift was kept. Matt, who she hated after she assumed of betraying her and pushing out her most admired influential group in her own birthday party, gave her a doll house that he also poured a magic dust.

At 30, Jenna (Jennifer Garner) realized what she wanted came true. It’s just that she’s successful but hated by people who knew her. Unfortunately, she also burned her bridges with her parents and Matt (Mark). She tried to patch things but she failed, especially in winning back Matt. Good thing, she went back to being 13 years old and solve her problems.

I like the concepts that were used in the movie, especially that Jenna worked in a well known magazine. I like the idea that she presented for “Poise” (the one photographed by Matt), dancing “Thriller” to please people (Jen showed she can dance), her friendship with teenagers in her building, and her outfits.

Though it failed to tickle me to laugh, it did inspire me and make me to believe in the importance of friendship, love and family. Honestly, I don’t know if Mark and Jennifer had chemistry. But I like their story, in how they friendship blossomed into love.

What I learned or realized in this movie is that we should take step by step process in order to grasp all things in our lives. Most of the time, we tend to oversee our blessings because we only eyeing what’s we don’t have. And of course, the most obvious lesson in the movie is to learn to be contented.