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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Theater inside my Heart

Believe me this is not a off-topic post, it just that I appreciate even more of having own place, where I can do things I love such as watching movies or drama series and reading books.   That's apart from I'm now a home-based worker and entrepreneur. But now I'm also dreaming of putting a home theater or create an entertainment room inside my own house.

A room is different from a house 

I'm such a passionate lady with lots of interest and works to do. Most of the time it's equal to messy room especially that the main venue of my activities is my bed room. what are they?
  • watching my all time favorite films and series.  - My problem now is how to organize my VCD/ DVD collections.
  • reading books -  I'm not a wild reader but definitely when  I'm one of those who want to finish an interesting book in one sitting.  my bookshelf is actually mixed of  my movie collections and  book
  • work - since 2007 I accept sideline and part time jobs given a chance. But now  I embrace the idea of full timely get various side line jobs I can take. But currently, I only have two regular freelance/ part time jobs. still looking for more? yes!
  • business -  I also enjoy serial entrepreneurship nowadays especially the online one - I'm a Global Pinoy dealer of Unified Products and Services 
When I joined a tour around Lancaster New City  in Cavite, I realized someday I need a full house for all my wants and needs  especially if I'll be like this for life - movie buff, couch potato, blogger and want to read more.  I'm such a simple person who is just ultimate dream is to enjoy life the way  I see  it.

Why I like Catherine House model in Lancaster? 

 There are  7 house models in Lancaster, but I like Catherine because of it's price (affordable at 1.2 million Philippine pesos or  27,522.972 US Dollar / 2,826,055.61 Japanese Yen)  and structure. It has three bedrooms, powder room, living area, dining area, kitchen and one-car garage.  It's perfect for home office and actualize my dream room dedicated for my pleasure. 

Dreaming what I'm dreaming?  Do you want to know more about Lancaster?

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