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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unofficially Yours…laugh on top of the bed

Since I’m not into television for years, it is refreshing to see again Angel Locsin acting in a movie. With John Lloyd Cruz (JLC) and even it is not heavy drama, I can say that at last she got acting project with someone who knows how to act well.

Unofficially Yours is romantic comedy but unlike other John Lloyd Cruz’ movies specifically with Sarah Geronimo it is a little bit daring.  It is my first time to watch love scenes from a Filipino film that I just laugh and laugh.  Definitely, John Lloyd knows comedic timing and makes you cry.

Angel too can be laughable but in this movie she’s in the serious side.  Actually, I couldn’t relate with her character’s aim but somehow it’s how she carried it that made it sense.  She’s effective in portraying a woman who’s in control in the situation and career-oriented.  She’s also good when she delivered her long acting lines in the last part. The scene was just too long to watch but definitely her good acting was there. My friends who watched with me in cinema commended that her outfits were fab. Hopefully she gets more movie projects.

On John Lloyd, my ultimate comment is he’s awesome. I don’t care if he doesn’t have abs or aristocratic face, he’s good actor and he delivers what I want- romance and laughter. Even in the acting scene, people in the movie house gave him affirmative comments more than Angel when in fact Ces (Angel’s character) carried heavy burden and she was a victim too. I’m not a total fan of John Lloyd but in acting, two thumbs up!

The supporting cast was tastefully delivered their part. I once read Edgar Allan Guzman’s said that he’s very happy to be part of the movie and he refused a TV project to prioritize this one. Well, it was only supporting and you had short exposure compared with your other films but you were cool in the movie man.  I couldn’t measure the state of my laughter whenever you were present.  Boom Lubrusca and Panying were also had superb performances. On the other hand, the family of Macky Galvez (JLC’s character) gave warmness in the movie.  

However, of all the supporting cast, it was K Brosas you would notice easily. With her punch lines and facial expression, even she’s only in the background she could steal the scene.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Angel in the air

I first saw Angel Locsin in the defunct youth oriented show Click. She's pretty but unnoticeable there. As Charlie, the boyish sister of his future love team - Richard Gutierrez.
she was also cast to different comedy and drama series but made mark when she grabbed the role of Alwina in Mulawin.

Since then, as we know, she made numerous top rating shows like Darna, Majika, and Asian Treasures. then after her self produced film Angels she decided to transfer in the rival network of her mother company.

For some stars that also did that, i feel sad. where's the loyalty? what went wrong? But i don't know why after weeks of thinking, i just think that people should understand her. she maybe commit mistakes in doing that but that's already a past event. i do believe in her decision, she already realizes so many lessons.

What I admire in her is her passion to act well and create good relationship to everybody. Now, whether she has hidden agenda or just playing safe in exuding good image. i think that's better than to show what your real disgusting attitude. i would like to call that as behaving in the eyes of the public.

I didn't watch her two series in ABS-CBN - Lobo and Only You religiously but i think Angel deserved of something good from people who are judging her. She's trying her best and please stick to her acting not on her personal life. I think her tandem with John Lloyd Cruz in Imortal is very interesting one.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lost young talents

They were cute, adorable and talented during their heydays. Indeed they complete our viewing time and we wish that they stay child. But all of us know, that child stars can’t stop time then they grow up before our very eyes.

The sad thing most of the child stars are passing in awkward stage. That even of they want to take mature roles, public still see them as kids. And because of that, most of the child stars that enter in teen years opt to pose in men’s magazine to show to the world they are ready to step out from their teenybopper roles or kiddie stuff.

For me, what’s more upsetting is that some good child stars are stepping back and are neglected by their home networks.

Serena Dalrymple

She’s in demand child actress in different films which she also co-top billed. I like her in Bata-Bata Paano Ka Ginawa of Star for All Season Vilma Santos. She wittingly portrayed her character, which gave her numerous awards, including her Best Supporting Actress trophies from Film Academy of the Philippines and Urian. Her most recent project was Spirits broadcasted in 2004 and Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat which showed in theatres last year.

Serena maybe not that pretty but she’s oozing with talent and charm. If she’s not cool to put in teenybopper roles, I wish people who manage her reinvent her into character actress.

Carlo Aquino

I could not forget his awesome acting in Bata-Bata Paano Ka Ginawa, where he had confrontation with Vilma. Apart from that film, he already other remarkable films under Regal Films and Star Cinema.

Maybe his career dragged by his controversial love life but I hope he gets challenging roles where he can show more how good his acting. He still active actually but most of the time, he acts supporting roles. I wish his music also breakthroughs.

Patrick Garcia

Before he was hailed as Golden Boy because of his sought after performances. In way, I like his tandem with Anna Larrucea particularly in Mula sa Puso. People admired him, for he’s not only good looking but talented as well. If I’m not mistaken he was among the artist that won best actor award (for Batang PX) at the young age.

Before his issue with Jennylyn Mercado, I was wishing he redeem his glory. It’s not that I hate him now; it’s just after that I believe he must double his efforts to be able to come back.

Nash Aguas

This cute young boy is still active in showbiz, thanks to Going Bulilit. However, it’s better that his home network gave him something that will uplift his stardom and artistry. You know, sooner or later he’ll also enter in awkward stage and there’s possibility, that he follows Serena, Carlo and Patrick’s fates

By the way, he’s audio work for Pinoy Animated film Dayo was fantastic.

Sharlene San Pedro

Makulay ang Buhay for her ever since she entered in showbiz via Star Circle Quest Kid edition (she was runner up of Nash Aguas- who took the title The Grand Kid Questor). I like her natural bubbly acting and frankness. She can act and be host given the opportunity. Unfortunately like Nash, all she has right now is Going Bulilit.

Cogie Domingo

Cogie could be one of the finest actors of today, if not only of his unstable career journey. I remember he got critically acclaim performance in Deathrow.

But I think wherever he’s now, that his choice. It just that he might be has thriving career.

Makisig Morales

After his stint of the sequel of Super Inggo, Makisig who’s also famous for his singing talent in Little Big Star disappeared in the limelight. To be able to see him, you must watch movie at first and last full show in SM Cinemas.

Sam Bumatay

Despite that she was only runner up in Starstruck and ordinary look, Sam proved that she had x factor that other contemporary child stars didn’t have. I think she’s good in comedy, so if she comes back I think she gonna be a next Eugene Domingo.

Jiro Manio

I failed to watch the recent news about Him, but whatever it was I believe that Jiro already has mark in showbiz as one of the bright actors. Whoever could ever forget his Magnifico.

Hope whatever issue that he has right now will be solve and he finds way to conquer struggles in his acting capability.

As of now, they’re artists that come to my mind whenever I think of young stars with talents but neglected. But I’m wondering also where are Miguel Tanfelix (Gus or Pagaspas of Mulawin), Kurt Perez (the winner of first Startruck Kid), John Manalo (Feng Shui & Going Bulilit), Shiela Mae Roque (Mathtinik), and Charina Scott (Lilian Velez's Story & Lipa Massacre)