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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Twilight Saga New Moon... more crispy than the novel

With New Moon, it’s a first time that I watch a movie when I finally read the novel where it was base.

Somewhat the thrill diminished but I can say that new moon that features more of Jacob and Bella is cool one. It actually lessens my dissatisfaction with New Moon the novel.

And yeah Taylor Lautner got huge transformation here, be it in the body, face and exposure, though I still like the character of Charlie Swan.

Hmmm actually I don’t give much expectation in this sequel because in all four parts of twilight saga (novel) I like Eclipse. But nevertheless this second part is cool and not boring for me.

By the way, I just watch this video and I’m amaze with the mechanics and how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart answered questions…

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Amazing fictionalized fantasy of Stephanie Meyer

The part 2 of Twilight Saga, New Moon,” is slated to show in November. But currently, I’m listening to audio book of Eclipse (part 3 of Twilight). By the way, I think Eclipse is more romantic than the first and second part.

Till now I stick with my opinion that the entire Twilight story has good lines or dialogues. Even though I’m reluctant to accept that the whole drama is astonishing, I admit that I’m tickled every time Edward Cullen throws romantic lines to Bella, very ideal man – in words and in description. May I add that one of my few favorite characters in the story is Charlie Swan. I like his reactions to Bella and Edward.

I already knew that Jacob would be werewolf but when I finally got in that part (New Moon), I realized that this story is a total “fictionalized fantasy” (redundant isn’t?) not fictionalized reality. I mean, loving a vampire is already a fantasy but having a werewolf as a best friend is really extreme. However, Jacob is an interesting character for me and I’ll always associate to him the word Imprint.

With Eclipse, I consider that the writer, Stephanie Meyer, is actually amazing in the characterization of Edward. He’s absolutely perfect in the aspect of look and love, it just that he’s a vampire. Funny that’s also applicable in reality, because practically no one or at least very rare that there’s a living man like him.A perfect loving man is actually an imaginary being.

You garnered points there girl!