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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fast and the Furious 6... that 1 when Paul Walker is still alive

This is post was part of my huge "draft box" that's so badly keep and reminded me I should be grateful for seeing Paul Walker's work.  Anyway, it's the 6th sequel but its my first time to watch the Fast and the Furious . In a way  it toils me to understand some parts and when people in the theater say something. Who's who and what's with him? Anyway, at least I know Vin Diesel, Dwayne "the rock" Johnson, and  Michelle Rodriguez.

It's all about superb cars and fast driving

I play Need for Speed Underground, so it helps me to appreciate this film more.  They use cutting-edge cars to move the story with the help of course of interesting drivers.

I don't know how many times, I saw her in films but Rodriguez is an action star. Her looks, walks and talks are fierce. Though I find her doing almost the same character, at least in this film she' one of the lead characters.

Vin diesel
Obviously, he's the heart of the movie. In a way, his character looks familiar to me because of the many action films that I already watched. But Diesel's charisma makes it appealing different. Having loyal and fighter friends around him make this film more engaging. it as if you can choose your favorite player for you car racing. And if it happens that you Dominic Torretto, you know who's powerful.
I don't know Paul Walker (prior to this film) but some of my pals admire him.  Well apart from that his the handsome guy in the gang and he looks a loving person, I can't think of significance in his character unlike Dwayne and Diesel. Don't get me wrong, he's admirable in and out of this flick. 

Punch of comedy and romance

Peppered with comedic antics, there's plenty of lines here that make me laugh. Few that I can remember were when Dwayne bought expensive car, when they hunted the manufacturer of the criminal's  car, and when they talked about how rich they are.

Understanding the popularity

I watch this film in theater because of the invitation of my sister. Perhaps, I wasn't that interested  at all but upon checking what's with this film series. I can say that's it really engaging and interesting one. Enjoyable over all. 

So because of this I also know Paul and  Gal Gadot, the new Wonder Woman

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wanted…a predictable action-suspense flick

I don’t read any particular thing about this movie before I watch it. What made me decide to pick this one is because the star is Angelina Jolie and the title is Wanted – it seems action-thriller for me.
      At first I thought it’s an action comedy after few scenes. James McAvoy (Atonement & XMen Origin) is been telling about his job and his boss. Then there’s unbelievable stunt of a certain man who jump off the building while shooting so many men in the other building. Take note the building is not standing side by side.
      Then I convince myself that it’s one of those movies that impose suspension of disbelief even when Angelina (Tomb Raider, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Salt) appeared as someone who’s protecting and training him as assassin of a Fraternity. Because indeed the stunt and the way they shoot gun is seem impossible for me.
       The story is promising but not new.  Yes it’s about betrayal and finding your identity. From being ordinary office employee to a high calibre assassin who been brainwashed to fulfil secret mission. I like some stunts, effects and McAvoy’s acting, but the entire movie is not fascinating like other action-suspense films I watched before. It’s sort of predictable and stereotype. What save the story is it is action film so you would focus more in other aspects.
        The interesting part is Jolie is not the lead actor/ character here but instead its James.   This is also the first time that I see James doing action.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Underworld series

Prior to Underworld and Underworld: Evolution, I first saw Underworld: Rise of the Lycans in 2009 where Michael Sheen and Rhona Mitra took the lead male and female. I was willing then to watch the other parts of Underworld‘s parts and that happened only this month.

Surely, Underworld (2003) is far different from today’s vampire-werewolf kind of movie, Twilight. It is action-packed with a little bit of drama of course. What I like about Underworld is when you want it dark, you can have it in and even I’m woman, I can still relate to heroine and vampire-werewolf war. And oh my… Michael Corvin (played by Scott Speedman) was really hot.  I couldn’t find reason to hate him though I’m certain his acting was not impressive.

Between part one and part 2, my picked is part 2 or Underworld: Evolution.  Why? Everything  was clearer, I got to know the background of the characters and the love between Michael & Selene ( Kate Beckinsale) blossomed.  It was their fight among all the vampires/ the mightiest vampire Markus Corvinus (Tony Curran).  I’m thrilled how they gonna kill Markus, though in the end it was heroine Selene got all the glory because Michael though hybrid werewolf was always a loser. But  personally, I like that if I’m the heroine. He has own identity and I have my own. He’s willing to support me no matter how superior I am to him.

Just in time, I learned that they going to release another part of Underworld Series entitled Underworld: Awakening. I hope I can still see Selene and Michael there.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Red Riding Hood

I am neither fan nor hater of Amanda Seyfried so watching Red Riding Hood was more about the movies itself. I was curious about how they retell the old tale of a kid wearing red hood and being chased by wolf.
Actually, I prefer Akazukin Cha Cha than the story of Red Riding Hood, mainly because I’m anime fanatic. I don’t know how to say that is not offensive but Red Riding Hood, the old tale is not appealing for me.
         Going back to the movie, I find it cool that they made it darker. I imagined that Red Riding Hood was torn between wolf and a man. Upon watching the show, there was truth in my guess but that’s not the point of the story. Actually the point of the story is what if Red Riding Hood is the wolf.
        It had beautiful plot but sadly the execution in the movie was unattractive.  I’m confused whether the direction of the story was about the love story of Valerie and Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), if the grandmother had something to do with the wolf or Valerie was the key to get the wolf.
         There was indeed excitement in the mystery although confusing. I’m just disappointed with the reason why Valerie was being chase by the wolf. In addition to that, it was very easy for Valerie to kill the wolf. I don’t know but there’s particular part that was missing that made the movie not thrilling for me. It was like it trying to get deep but in truth everything was simple in the end. I don’t even get the significant of the Red Hood in the story.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Black Swan...for perfectionist

I’m afraid to watch Black Swan for I might get lost and feel sad because it is psychodrama. But I’m eager to watch Natalie Portman’s ballet dancing and portrayal. As we all know, she received several awards because of this movie.

Surprisingly, there are no points that I can’t understand it just that guessing whether my guesses are correct or wrong. Does Nina (Natalie) kill Lily (Mila Kunis)? Does her mother Erica (Barbara Hershey) has something to do with her hallucination or alter ego?
However, I have big problem with Nina and my question is why she always strive for perfection that she turns into psychotic?

Anyway, maybe there are people that intrinsically perfectionist. And I think this film is for them. There’s good in aiming for the best or perfection but never lose your balance.

I praise Natalie for giving justice to her role, as well as Mila, Barbara, and Vincent Cassel (plays Thomas Leroy). Actually, Winona Ryder is also cool in her character as Beth MacIntyre it just that she had very few lines and scenes that I can’t give so much thought about her acting. But I’m glad that she took the role and I feel elated to hear her unchanging voice.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adventureland...jesse eisenberg is cool

Everyone has longing for something. For some it must be to study in prestigious school and delightful romantic relationship. These two wishes were James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) mission when he reluctantly works at Adventureland. He worked there to save money for his study. Along the way, he met friends and special someone in the theme park.
For me, Eisenberg is suited in his character for being simple and good boy with some naughtiness.  He’s not handsome but he’s the man you’ll fall in love with because he’s honest, good listener and trustful. Though toward the end James partly betrayed Em (Kristen Stewart), he shared what he found out about Em and Brad (Ryan Reynolds). Of course, Lisa P (Margarita Levieva), being some a kind a bitch broadcasts this secret to everyone. This event crashed Em and James’ friendship with her and Joel (Martin Starr), their other close friend.     
Since being familiar with Stewart from Twilight series and Runaways, I believe she has spunk in acting. She’s good in this movie although her character itself plus her outfits are not well coordinated with time setting of the movie which was 1987.
The movie is fun and relaxing apart from moral values. It just that don’t expect too much that it is so dramatic to make you cry. Cool acting for Eisenberg, Stewart, Starr and Bill Hader!  

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He’s not that into you

At first, I'm eager  to watch this film because it's top billed by famous Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, Gennifer Goodwin, Justin Long, Scarlett Johanson, and Kevin Connolly. However I ended up watching it twice for I was entertained and inspired by it.

I realized so many things when it comes to assuming, loving and marrying a guy. Of all the characters I like Jennifer Connelly’s character. As Janine, she’s hilariously serious. In the way she expressed her ideas, she’s funny! But if you gonna dig what she meant that was a very serious matter. I have two favorite scenes of her. First, when she and Ben (Cooper) selecting an item for their house. Ben admitted to him that he slept with someone (Scarlett’s character Anna). I was amazed that she paralleled that issue with her suspicion that Ben's smoking habit.

My second favorite was when she found out that Ben was lying. He hid his vice to her. But I think though the issue of smoking was just petty issue on the surface, what Janine trying to point out was when you can trust someone in small thing, you can also trust him in big things.

I think the most romantic of all the love teams in the story were Gigi (Goodwin) and Alex (Long). I would like to commend that even they were new to my eyes, they gave justice to their respective characters and they were the overall lead couple of the movie. Good choice!

Jennifer Aniston’s Beth and Ben Aflfleck’s Neil, on the other hand,was an awakening issue. Yeah, sometimes it’s not the marriage that bonds two persons but their commitment to each other. Although of course, it’s ideal to get married.

Since I like Janine, so it’s natural that I hate Anna. And true to that when I watched it for the second time, I forwarded her scenes. Sorry! Next to her, I also don’t like the story of Drew's character. But I like the scene when she’s happy to hear that she had voice mail from a guy. Then she found out that the guy was cheating on her.

Well in my point of view, he’s just not that into you, if he…

* Doesn’t bother to look in your face when you’re talking
* Not smiling all the time
* Trying to force what he likes than to listen to what you are saying
* Just keep complimenting certain part of your outward attributes such as "I like your skirt today." Your hair is nice.
* And sometimes even they like you, they still doesn’t end up choosing you. It maybe because you’re beyond to what they can proud of or your just in the level of like not love.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day...has amazing twists

Valentine's Day poster

- amazing cast

-cool twist and turns of plots

-romantic, entertaining and inspiring

-Jennifer Garner has more exposure with Ashton Kutcher

-but Julia Roberts has amazing story for me

-while Anne Hathaway is unusual here ( in cool side i mean)

-Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper are hot lads. hahaha i like there roles

-the boy named Edison is so adorable and talented.

-the Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are so hilarious. though i find swift o.a. in some scenes.

i like the film and ill grab its DVD copy for my collection.

Monday, January 11, 2010

the devil wears prada... a career self-analysis

Finally, I watched the The Devil Wears Prada. And even it was not so exciting the first time I saw it, in a dysfunctional VCD, I’m still hooked with it.

I still hate Meryl Streep, who is very effective portrayal and sophisticated acting. I still wish that my future partner with will be Adrian Grenier whole packaged in the film as Nate. And of course, I like to relate my self with Anne Hathaway who is Andrea Andy Sachs.

The film is actually all about fashion. And the magazine work was just a second thing. But the main point I would like to pick it up from the film is I don’t want to work with Runaway’s kind of environment or with Miranda Priestly (Meryl) as my boss. I wanna elevate my career and be the best in my field but I also want to live life as well. After all work is one aspect of me.

Well if you want to think about your career or where you want to go, I recommend this film. By the way, Emily Blunt is also very effective and she’s beautiful.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Holiday...kate is exciting

I remember when I saw the trailer of this movie, I was curious to watch it. So when I found out that my colleague has it, I grab the opportunity.

Between the story of Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, I like the former . I like Kate ‘s acting, especially when she arrived in the house of Cameron in L.A.( not sure). That’s the first time that I can feel excitement of a character over something. She’s really cute and realistic.

I also like the presentation of her story and her love life there, though I don’t like the actor. Her character has heartwarming appeal.

On the other hand, on Cameron’s affair with Jude Law’s character that’s also cool. though I’m not satisfied with her portrayal. Some of my friends have crush on Jude Law but for me, he’s manly, that’s all.

Cheer up for The Holiday! I was entertained while watching it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fear...will trigger u to check your mate

Nope this is not about my personal fear but a movie.

I don't know when it was shown but its cast were Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blond), Alyssa Milano (Phoebe of Charmed), and Mark Wahlberg (The Happening).

Actually I anticipated that its about obsession and dealing with a psychopath but i was really scared. Wahlber’s character was really so creepy, especially in the scene that he forced Margo (Alyssa) to sex with him and warned her to explain things to Nicole (Reese), which unfortunately saw the whole scene.

wahhh please i don’t want to have boyfriend like him! btw, reese was very young here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes Man, Atonement!

I admit, my Holy Week was not really that good even if I read the February - March of Our Daily Journey and the Bible.

What we did, especially me, was to watch various movies that mostly not connived with the celebration. The first in the list was Underworld then followed by Atonement, Yes Man, Mall Cop, Anaconda, Twilight (I watched it again since I finally finished the novel and I'm now in book two), then X Men.

Of all these, I want to recommend or give importance to Atonement & Yes Man, which were very relevant films. I think they at least give something for my suppose to be reflection mode during Holy Week.


Honestly, Keira Knightley was the only star I knew in the film. However, when I saw the trailer of it in 2007, I was already interested to watch it. The title was intriguing already.

When I watched it last Holy Wednesday night, My kuya left me alone. Well, I agree that the flow/ editing of the scenes were distracting since they (filmmaker) opted to have back-story every now and then. I never gave in, the plot glued me already.

Indeed, I realized how painful it was both to victims- Keira's character Cecilia Tallis & to her lover - Robbie Turner (played by James McAvoy) and to false accuser -the 13-year old Briony Tallis (played by Saoirse Ronan). Briony accused Robbie of raping her cousin Lola... which was actually not true.

There were parts that I didn't really grasp, but all in all the implication of the movie for me was... it really painful to bear guilt, that you are the reason why some people were suffering. And the saddest thing, you don't have chance to correct your mistake.

Bravo to the author of the story - Ian McEwan!

Yes Man

When my Kuya (brother) brought DVDs, I personally picked Yes Man that was top billed by Jim Carrey. I've known the film from a sermon of a priest in Manila. And just like what he said the movie will tell you how to change your life by being positive or affirmative to various things.

And in addition to what he said, the movie also reminds of course that you only say yes if your really mean it.

The message of the movie is really good and with the twist, it was delivered in adult comedy. though I admit I'm not fan of Jim Carrey.