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Me and my treasures box (WP)

Some my early Reviews here were imported from my former blog in wordpress (WP).

Hi! thank you for visiting my blogs and reading my reviews. 

I'm Cha Cha Laurence, a lady  who likes  to watch different films and TV series and to blog her stories/ comments.  My reviews are based in my understanding, enjoyment, or standard. Maybe what's cool for me is boring for you or vice versa. However, somewhere in between i can give you an idea what's interesting to note. I admit that I'm not fluent in English but I'm confident that I'm communicable, understandable and approachable.  

I'd like to know interesting films/series from different countries. I can say what's only available and enjoyable for me so far are shows from South Korea, Taiwan, America, Mexico, Japan and of course my beloved Philippines.
I'm glad if you rate and leave comments here but just in case, you can also reach me through my email - wordylilchacha@gmail.com.

Thank You Very much! 
Jia You!



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