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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spartacus: My Late Arrival

After being drawn to True Blood, I discovered Spartacus which at first stunned me because of its literal exposures of things.  But my curiosity, tempted me to watch further. This is all about ancient Greeks so it must be real and good chance for me. You know, my first ever dream vacation is to go to Greece, I wanna see tourist spots there such as Mt. Olympus,  Athens, and the museum.

So far what I only saw were season 1 and 2, and I'm not really updated about it. I just learned that my favorite character Gannicus would die in the newer season and he had a definite love interest too.

Gannicus of the arena

Dustin Clare ( Gannicus) is captivating in this role, that entice me to rewatch season 2 for several times. Let's say that he's look did wonders, his portrayal and his story made the difference especially when he involved with Melitta (played by Marissa Ramirez), the wife of his best friend and Doctore -Oenomaus (Peter Mensah). This part of him exposed his soft heart, that he's capable to love more than being happy of making love.  He's all out in the battlefield while very human in the chamber with the people close to him. he really honors friendship, brotherhood and love. 

Intense Illustration

Following  what's seems the real thing before, Spartacus championed that in any way, even I'm still shock with some scenes. I appreciate that in  between "S" and blood, arena and bed, there's  social relevance and human interest superbly injected to it. Gladiators were seen as slave next to pet for  aristocrats during those time. And it pains me to know such thing even the gladiator was not as handsome as Spartacus ( the late Andy Whitfield) or Dustin Clare. What more for the female slaves who sincerely served their masters to the last energy they can give but then they're still treated as dolls. Slavery- Crixus (Manu Bennett) and 
Naevia (Lesley Ann Brandt) were the classic example it in the story

Surprise-Surprise Xena the Warrior is Lucretia

Visibly she's old as what her character demands but in my opinion Lucretia ( Lucy Lawless) is beautiful inside and out. She just torn between her husband's greed for power,  bad kind of friendship and pressure from her father in law.  Her affair with Crixus diminish her morale and making her bad one. 

I think of all the female stars in the series from Spartacus: The Blood and Sand  and Gods of the Arena, she's the most beautiful.  I'm surprised to know that she's also Xena: The Warrior Princess. 


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