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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Where are the real singers?

Big slap, that's probably the feeling of seeing nonsingers enjoying popularity and garnering awards left and right. I agree that everyone has the right to sing. Anyway, that's a creative form of expression. But people pushing someone to get a record deal even his/ her talent is acting is really annoying.  And the most annoying part is some stars act as if they are superior than the others. Being humble is a key, that perhaps Ann Curtis' asset why she attracts followers. She knows she's not a singer but a performer.

There are also long-time recording artists who got  best-selling albums but remain humble. I remember an episode of Sharon (ABSCBN) where Sharon Cuneta admit to Regine Velasquez, that  if she gonna rate her singing  talent out of 100 %, it's only 60%. It's like she's lucky to have beautiful songs and works with superb composers. The irony was Regine professed beforehand that  Sharon is one of her musical influences. What a remarkable interview indeed.

Real singers neglected

Mass appeal is one big factor for stardom and that's applied for singers too. But there are singers who put their fame and fortune in their heads and eventually lose everything. For quite sometime, I was into singing contest winners. You know drawing inspiration that in this world, poor can be rich out of talent. In fairness, some achieve that level like Regine, Yeng Constantino, and Sarah Geronimo.  But more often than not being a winner is not a sure way to have a prosperous career. I don't what happened to them but I'm curious where are Mau Marcelo, Jerome Sala (Search for a Star in a Million), Laarni Losala (Pinoy Dream Academy 2), Raki Vega (Born Diva hosted by Zsa Zsa Padilla) and Gretchen Espina Pinoy Idol, etc.

Why talented singers like them and other veteran singers gone in the limelight? Well the answers are actually obvious. The unbelievable is these answers are unfair. 

I found this video very interesting! Singing contest winners in the Philippines

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