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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Samurai X and my favorite anime series

Come October, the live action film version of my favorite anime Samurai X or Rurouni Kenshin will be show in the local theaters. Excited? Super! I guess it brings back my ardor in anime.

The start of anime influence

Since I was a kid, I'm fond of animation. It wasn't emphatic before but I guess it was because cartoon characters were colorful (from shoes to eyes and hair), mutant, smart and outrageous.  Whether they talked non-sense, act strange and look like aliens- I didn't mind because, what’s valuable were they entertain me and touched my heart.

Some of the anime I watched when I was in elementary were

Cedie: Ang Munting Prinsipe (Little Lord Fauntleroy)
This was of the cartoons that made cry particularly in the scene where Cedie’s father was having heart attack on the way home.  Cedie had live action version that produced by StarCinema and top billed by former child actor Tom Taus.

Princess Sarah (Little Princess Sara(h)

            Princess Sarah changed my impression about Indian. The lead character was a daughter of rich Indian who died in a mine accident. She then began to serve as a maid in the school where she was enrolled in London.  Cedie had more impact on me, but still I religiously follow this show because Sarah was a lovely kid. I even noticed Sushmita Sen (the first Miss India who won in Miss Universe title in 1994) because she and Sarah were both Indian. My former fave child actress Camille Pratts portrayed Sarah while her reel and real friend Angelica Panganiban played Vicki.

 Remi(the Nobody’s Boy)

            Oh boy if I cried in Cedie, in this anime I became sad for days- especially when by one all their pets died and also Remi’s guardian/master Ginoong Vitalis. At first you get angry with Ginoong Vitalis, but when you understand where he was coming from and you'll appreciate his strict nature.
            There was female version of Remi but I like the first one from drawing, dubbing to music. 

The Trap Family Singers/ The Trapp Family Story
            This anime didn’t tell only about their being singers but how love finds way between aspiring nun and widow high rank military official with several kids. It was a great story for a whole family since it tackled parenting, siblings relationship and family’s togetherness in good time and bad times.

Peter Pan (The adventures of Peter Pan)

            One thing special about watching Peter Pan is till now I still don’t see the final episode of it. Each time that ending broadcasted I have school activity. Peter Pan wasn’t as dramatic compare the other first three but, it had entertaining and moral value as well.  Their tree house is the peg of my dream house.

            I can’t remember if I finish this anime but I remember how I’m angry with main villain name Pudong and the lead characters Julio and Julia.  I’m irritated with Julio and Julia beacause of their stupidity sometimes. 

There were also other popular anime but I didn’t like to watch like Sailormoon, Dragon Ball Z, A Dog of Flanders (this is too sad), 

Anime variations

When I was in highschool the kind of anime that I watched were varied. Maybe because the popularity and numbers of anime series had boomed those times. some of the memorable for me  were:
This was the first action adventure anime i watched. The story was beyond ordinary for its theme, magical characters and thrilling plots. I even memorized the chant that the witch was saying to transform small and weak Zenkie to tall and strong one. 
using machines and fighthing technique were some of the amazing things in this series. At first, i didn't like but as the story progressed i started to hook up with it because of the action scenes and my crush  Dr. Hokoto
I still remember the Filipino version of Opening song of this series. 

using elements, sweet love teams, and superb drawings, magic knight was really a remarkable anime for girls. I don't know but for me it's different from other all girls action heroes anime. The three lead characters had good journey from learning to use their weapons and powers plus nice love stories.  I like Marina's water element but i like the girl who controlled fire too plus her love story.

This is anime series might be cater kids but I’m totally into it during it ran in ABS-CBN. The characters were colorful, funny, dramatic and magical. I like Chacha because she’s funny and warrior at the same time. By the way, this where I get my online moniker because Akazukin Chacha is my all time top favorite anime series and character.       

Then there were times that I also watched Saber Marionette, The Slayers, Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo (Romeo’s Blue Skies), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Si Mary at ang Lihim na Hardin (Himitsu no Hanazono ), Blue Blink, Huck Finn, Heidi Girl of the Alps, Mojacko, Sweet Tale of St. Tail  and many more.    

 Part 2 the… days were I’m totally hooked up with anime series most especially Samurai X

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