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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vampire Diaries…thrillingly romantic

         I didn’t know if it’s due to Twilight’s hype or I’m just captivated by the plot of Vampire Diaries (VD) why I started to watch it.  I know Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) is beautiful but I couldn’t appreciate, AT FIRST, what’s with Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) and Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore). Why some girls go gaga talking about them?  Anyway, prior to this series I wasn’t watching any local or foreign shows for years, so hello to old school me!
          At this moment, I just finished VD season 3 and I'm super excited to see VD 4.   VD really touches the romantic and critic lass in me. Common, enough of the so-so love story- let's get darker, realistic and imaginative.

VD 1: Damon Consumed Me  

        In VD1, my favourite character  was Damon, the erratic villain with heart. He always went against Stefan and of course, Elena. How sweet that after all the bitterness he had for his brother and tricking Elena as she’s the doppelganger of Katherine Pierce (played also by Nina Dobrev) he also cared and loved them. 
       Ian is not handsome but for playing, magnificently, Damon he’s so hot! I like it when he grins, express his views through his eyes and of course, his over the top but logical reasoning.  

VD 2:  Stefan is the Ideal (Mystic) Boyfriend

            In VD 1, I couldn’t appreciate Wesley’s handsomeness because of his chin, curly hair, and so good to be true character. Stefan was looked like Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson’s character in Twilight Saga).  In VD 2, I’m still team Damon but I admit I started to notice Stefan and Wesley as well.  He has deep and beautiful eyes after all.
          Stefan was someone that you wish your brother (in the case of Damon) and your boyfriend. If you’re Elena, he’s there to protect, respect and understand you because he’s so much in love with you. He could do crazy stuff even to his brother and killed other vampires even if he had also share of grief, suffering, guilt and fear.  
         Hahaha, I could relate to Elena in some moments, it’s hard to pick between Damon and Stefan.

VD 3. Joseph Morgan captured me   

        VD 3 was the darkest, thrilling and heart-pumping season for me. Yeah my heart pumped especially for Joseph Morgan who played the notorious Klaus Mikaelson. You’ll hate him for his villainous actions but you could try to understand his motivation because of what he went through and his deep love for his family.
        No, I’ll never be part of team Klaus. He deserved to die no matter what he’s reason. If I can only appear in VD, I’ll be Piper Haliwell (of Charmed) and kill him with the wag of my 2 fingers. But I really like him whenever he expressed his feeling to Caroline Forbes (played by Candice Accola). I like his accent, his voice, his action… everything!   Wahh why English actors are so sound romantic when they talking or acting about “Love”?

        For now, while waiting for VD 4, I’m part of team Damon and team Klaroline.

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