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Saturday, July 28, 2012

hot topic : Rpattz,KStew, and Sanders

I'm one of those who feel sad about  Kristen Stewart and her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders' fling scandal. I can't imagine how it happened because even Robert Pattinson is not my crush, he's freaking RPattz. There's must be something about that director.

 I wish that they patch up things and reunited again. Kstew should learn her lesson about being faithful. Even if she breaks up with him and find another man, it's natural for her new beau to think what she did. But on other note, she did stay with Rpattz during the time of the fling and readily admitted her mistake so I guess  her love for him is stronger than Sanders. The loophole was she may be didn't realize nor stop (yet) if the press didn't find out. And it's understandable if Rpattz to think twice about their reconciliation, they live together in one roof and he found out the bad thing from the press. 

While reading news about them, this song comes to my mind...
But I hope it will not be Rpattz anthem for Kstew. I hope before Breaking Dawn (Twilight saga's last installment) comes to theater or soon as they can, they're already on speaking terms again. Let me just use this song instead to people who are unfriendly to me right now. 


  1. My opinion on this is that we should learn every language.

    Jogo de moto

    1. Hi Marcos Marcows and welcome to my blog!

      Can you explain a little further your comment? It sounds off topic for me.

      Anyway, if you are really talking about learning language. Yeah, I'm trying to learn more about English and little bit of Spanish, Nihongo, Korean, and soon Portuguese.

      Thanks for dropping by!


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