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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang

Even without the invitation of my friends, I’m interested to watch Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang (and My Kontrabida Girl). It was because it's movie poster and trailer were looked promising- something out of the box from the common horror/thriller film in the local cinema. In addition to that, I learned also that this movie was an adaptation from independent film that also directed by Richard Somes.

The thing is if someone would comment that this is awesome film, I disagree. However if someone would say that this is not good film, I also disagree. Corazon had plus and minus points. Let me highlight these things in bullet points.

Plus points:

Erich Gonzales – I commend Erich for taking a role that is far from being pop candy and look good on screen. Though she had beautiful face and fantastic screen shots in the movie, she had also crazy-eerie- ugly scenes.  You might wonder why she did something stupid but as an actress who just giving justice to the demand of the director or script, she’s amazing.

                She’s hot in those suggestive scenes with Derek Ramsey.  I know that Derek is one of the sought-after hunks, but in the film he really looked old for Erich. But she didn’t exude that awkward gap.  I also commend her for those scenes when she’s getting cracked and wild.  At the start of the film, you would not imagine that she could be like that because she’s very prim and proper. I also like her acting in the part when she finally realized what she have done.

The Plot – I think this is the savior of the film. You could cite so many bad sides but at the end, you would think after all it had good premise. “Mapa-oo nga ka” or “puwede!” It was trying to give you an idea that far from what expected but very believable.

Minus Points:

Editing – This is the aspect that I hate the most in Corazon.  There lot of transition of scenes that were not tastefully done and very annoying. It also, I think, the reason why I notice that movie also had lack of continuity.

Cinematography – it’s could be a plus point because of the cinematic shots but since, again, of bad editing it was affected. I also notice that it  was always been Derek who had beautiful shots. If I’m going to cut those scenes, I can use them for a clothing line commercial. Hehehe.

                                Those Derek in the woods-scenes were redundant.  Okay, we knew that he’s pain in finding Corazon and maybe in realty in you would stay in one place to remember someone… but not in the woods in always beautiful daylight.

Screenplay – You know, you could let pass the technical problems in Corazon. An ordinary moviegoer would not mind that.  But the script for me is very important factor of a film.  I hate some dialogues and some stupid scenario like these two:

·         What’s the point of Techie Agbayani’s character? I wish they got some no name actress to play that so you would not mind her. Sayang, I thought there’s something about her. I rather choose the parts of Maria Isabel Lopez, minus her so big but so light patron statue.

·          Everything was running smoothly with Corazon being in her insanity. I just don’t like when she thought to wear that costume and when she visited her husband. In many days that she didn’t take a bath with all those dirty-yucky things in her body, I don’t believe you couldn’t wake up if she’s on top of you?  Eh ‘di ba this is not your unusual Aswang movie?

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