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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Little Bride… romantically relaxing

Funny, Romantic, and Very High School  that are my  adjectives for My Little Bride starring Moon Geun Young (of Marry Me, Mary) and Kim Rae Won ( Love Story in Harvard and My Love Patzzi).  I know that it’s impossible them to be couple in real life and there’s not much of chemistry between them, however they really have amusing acting especially when it comes in their facial expressions.
      The title itself says everything of what to expect about this movie. I just didn’t expect that Kim Rae Won’s character Park Sangmin is the weaker one.  Of course being a girl, I like that idea. And I want to imagine that I’m Seo Boeun (Moon Geun Young). She’s smart, adorable, and loving high school teenager.  So the only problem about her is she doesn’t know that she’s in love with Sangmin. So idealistic, but I accept it.
      My favorite part of the movie is from when Sangmin went to military exercise and Boeun brought meal for him. Hahaha I’d like when Boeun defended him from a Marine officer and when they faced two hoodlums in the street. Little but terrible, huh!
      The good thing, though Boeun showed care about Sangmin it’s not clear she was in love with him. And Sangmin also did lot of efforts for her especially in their school program.  My favorite Sangmin’s scene was when he teased Boeun in their home and the way he looked at her. Actually at first, I never expect that he is intensely in love with her. I mean you can be affectionate or attracted to a girl out of her good looks, special traits or your bonding with her but not as first and true love.
In addition, almost all the cast contribute to cuteness of the movie- the demanding grandfather, the parents that can’t help but to follow order and the friends who are funny but very supportive. I especially like the best friends of Sangmin and Bouen.
     Once in a while, it’s nice to watch this kind of film, romantically relaxing. 

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