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Friday, January 6, 2012

Bulong… old school horror-comedy

I have little expectation about Bulong (whisper) starring Vhong Navarro, Bangs Garcia and Angelica Panganiban. It is not because this film has few stars or I don’t like them, but because it has predictable story.  
       And my little expectation met, because I couldn’t remember a scene when I laughed but there were few parts that I was thrilled. Although, I can say that this movie is entertaining in a sense because of Vhong’s usual antics and Angelica’s horrific acting. I felt pity, when Angelica was in a cemetery where zombies pulling her in muds.
      It was also funny that there were Koreans and one habal-habal (a motorcycle or means of transportation especially in provinces and mountainous places) driver to scare the audience. I don’t know the core explanation for this, but I like the idea maybe because it is very authentic. The corny part was the hotel receptionist wearing big mask and the tissues in the hotel room. Iyon na ‘yon!?
     Almost all the visual effects were not appealing including the faces of ghost in Bangs’ chest and the bad spirit.  Those were much computerized and not scary. I rather choose the child ghost in “The Grudge” than that.

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