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Friday, August 12, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love…brings back your high school experience

Remember your high school life? What about your friends, your struggles as a students and your special someone/ crush? At that time, those were you’re biggest dilemmas and you tend to believe and do silly things. But now, when you look back, you might laugh or regret.
In the Thai movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love (CLTCL), you’ll remember the innocent love you had and the funny or colorful activities you did with your friends. To tell you, I got little information about the entertainment industry of Thailand. Apart from the horror flick The Eye (the lead star there is handsome and look-a-like of Piolo Pascual). Despite of the fact, CLTCL transcends culture or language barriers for me.

You can relate with the characters
I can relate to Nam (Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol). Being in love with someone who happened to be campus crush and fulfilling her duties as a daughter. I’m just amazed with transformation of Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol in the movie. At first I thought the actress was different when Nam became a leader of their school band.
Having a solid friend, I also admire that the movie features her friendship with her three classmates. I can’t find her name but among the three, I like the one who joined the ribbon headband gang. I think we got same attitude. Hehehe!
What can I say about Shone? Oh well, Mario Maurer is certified handsome to act as  P’Shone. His character is loveavable also so I wonder where I can find a man like him. a man with looks and substance. Please refer me! hehehe!
However, between the three major characters, I’m so smitten with teacher Inn (Sudarat Budtporm). Super! I like the build up of her character, her moments with her co-teachers (including her crush) and her involvement with Nam and Shone. My Favorite teacher Inn’s scenes are:
Ø      When she was explaining about INSPIRATION (including when she called Nam and when her crush look at her.
Ø      When she said “Understand? Understand? Thank you, I love you” after she announced about school rules about littering.
Ø      When she got a box of salted eggs from her crush.
Ø      When she was flirting with her crush in the field.
Ø      When she accidentally drunk Nam’s drink.
Ø      When she was giving briefs about their play “Snow White and Seven Dwarfsssssss”
Ø      And when she got bruises because of the petty war of two members of their school band.
Actually she had cute part also when P’Shone had to kiss Nam in replace of her leading man in the play. But I think that moment was for Nam. Hehehe!

Appealing music
          Dialogue is more understandable because of the subtitles, but with music, it’s different issue. Even there were translations, if you don’t appreciate the songs, you don’t. I have to admit that the melody of the songs were helpful to trigger my emotion to the next level even if I don’t understand the lyrics. What are my favorite scenes with great music background? My pick  were when P’Pin applied make up to Nam’s face and when P’Shone looking in his photobook/scrapbook about Nam.

          I learned that Mario is coming in the Philippines. I hope to see him personally and take pictures with him. But if I have to spend lot of money just to see him. Sorry P’Shone I’ll not do that.  He’s handsome, yes; but he’s not my ultimate crush. Hehehe! So I’ll give him to other girls (as if he’s mine, hehehe!). But Mario if you gonna invite me, I’m more than willing to come to see you. (wish-wish!) he’s handsomest part in the movie? When he said thank you to Nam’s bandage.
          About Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol, I am surprised to know that I already know her before in a shampoo commercial.  She was very young then… here’s that video.
Overall rate: superbly romantic, funny and touching flick 

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