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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Autumn Concerto… gives new light to Vaness as an actor

Autumn Concerto is one the shows that I’m intrigued to watch because of the rave reviews and promotions in Internet. When a friend asked me what to watch I suggested it to her. Then afterwards she was the one who convincing me to try to see it.

Why I’m hesitant to watch it?

First of all, the backbone of the story is a total cliché. A rich boy meets a poor girl. Secondly, here we go again with the significant illness- amnesia. Thirdly and lastly, I’m not a fan of Vaness Wu especially in acting side. I will not question him as a performer and look but as a dramatic actor, I doubt.

Why I tried to see it then?

I’m intrigued with the new look and packaging of Vaness, it’s far from his F4 days. Clean cut hair style, elegant outfit and profound facial expression. I think maturity and his new found lifestyle helps him to evolve into someone that is not only likeable but also admirable.

So to cut it short, it’s about him and maybe to see also Ady An (I watched her first in The Outsider opposite Dylan Kou) and the child wonder Xiao Xiao Bin.   

What’s my opinion about Vaness’ acting and the show?

Huge improvement and Autumn Concerto gave new light to Vaness as a star and actor. I don’t see Mei Zou anymore in Vaness Wu's acting. He’s intense and very hot. You’ll hate and love him as Ren Guang Xi.  Although I’m not convinced that he’s very believable as a lawyer. If I going to attend a court hearing and he’s the attorney, I’m sure my mind can’t focus. Hahahah!

Among the characters, I’m sort of hated Li Mu Cheng. Oh common give me a break with that kind character, no matter how extraordinary formula you got to establish her character. Although I acknowledge that if not with Li Mu Cheng, you’ll not appreciate other characters including Ren Guang Xi, Xioa Le, He Yi Qian (Tiffany Hsu) and Ren Guang Xi’s mother. Why I don’t include Hua Tou Ye (Chris Wu)? I also don’t like his character as it’s too stereotype for a support leading man.  

over all rate: Though the story is common, the twists and turns never fail to push you to watch for more. It is intense, romantic and a grand show for Vaness and Xiao Xiao Bin.

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