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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Black Swan...for perfectionist

I’m afraid to watch Black Swan for I might get lost and feel sad because it is psychodrama. But I’m eager to watch Natalie Portman’s ballet dancing and portrayal. As we all know, she received several awards because of this movie.

Surprisingly, there are no points that I can’t understand it just that guessing whether my guesses are correct or wrong. Does Nina (Natalie) kill Lily (Mila Kunis)? Does her mother Erica (Barbara Hershey) has something to do with her hallucination or alter ego?
However, I have big problem with Nina and my question is why she always strive for perfection that she turns into psychotic?

Anyway, maybe there are people that intrinsically perfectionist. And I think this film is for them. There’s good in aiming for the best or perfection but never lose your balance.

I praise Natalie for giving justice to her role, as well as Mila, Barbara, and Vincent Cassel (plays Thomas Leroy). Actually, Winona Ryder is also cool in her character as Beth MacIntyre it just that she had very few lines and scenes that I can’t give so much thought about her acting. But I’m glad that she took the role and I feel elated to hear her unchanging voice.

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