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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Staying Alive, hardcore dance flick

From Internet and old friends’ stories, I’ve known that John Travolta was a good dancer during his time. But I don’t give much effort to watch Travolta’s famous moves in his old films.

The two reasons why I picked Staying Alive were because its Travolta’s dance film and surprisingly, a Sylvester Stallone’s directorial- produced-written film too. I didn’t know that Stallone can be like that especially that he looked a show off masculine lad. Anyway, I admired his multiple talents.

Hardcore, this is the best word I could describe for Staying Alive. Of all dance films I watched, this is really beyond a passion saga. It’s like no point of return and an all out thing just to dance. As if Travolta’s character (Tony Manero) can’t find something other than dancing.

Even he’s younger in this film, I’m still not attracted to Travolta and Manero’s personality.But as Travolta into Manero’s shoes I like him. He’s spunky, full of angst, passionate and boastful lad that doesn’t know how to treat women well. The only clear about him is he like to dance and he’ll do anything to pursue it. He didn’t use prostitution but he knows who could help him.

As a dancer, I can’t say that Travolta is exceptional in this film. Maybe because I’m distracted to his outfits and built. But that’s not a disadvantage for me, because I recognized good acting skill that doesn’t have inhibition. Apart from that, this film is choreographed for Broadway presentation and not for a show-off competition or audition. So let me say, he’s a good total performer for acting and dancing greatly onstage.

His two leading ladies here is not physically gifted, they are all flat chested or don’t have curvy ass. But they are pretty in different ways. I admired their guts to wear skimpy clothes and they are graceful dancers. I’m amused upon knowing that I was actually already watched these two women. Finola Hughes was the mother of Power of Three (Prue/Paige, Piper, Phoebe) in Charmed while Cynthia Rhodes was also in Dirty Dancing. She’s the dance instructor in that remarkable film.


I’m trying to figure out Stallone’s style as director. There are shots that I think he likes to play lights behind his actors. I may not motivated to dance after the film but kudos to him I’m glued to my seat to watch the whole drama. It just that I’m distracted to his production designs. I can see lot of vandalized walls and unappealing stairs. But those add flavors in the character of the movie, it just that I don’t like them and it made me feel I’m watching an old independent film.

As a writer, I like how he conveys Manero’s arrogant and desperate personality, his women, and his director in the play. He’s a winner in creating a hardcore-action dance flick. The only lack to it is memorable quotes. Everyone is so real and they are saying common conversations.

Remark: worth to collect

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