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Friday, November 12, 2010

Mulan...the fighter woman

Like many of you, I’ve known Mulan as one of the famous animation film from Disney. It is a beautiful story of woman who pretends as a man in order to replace his father who is being summoned for military service. When I heard that there’s an adaptation of it in China, I was very excited. Actually the rumor that I heard before was Zhang Zi Yi (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) was going to be Mulan and her love interest would be Vanness Wu (of F4Autumn Concerto/Meteor Garden ).

Vicki Zhao got the role and I don’t have any complain about it. I started to like her in So Close and Shaolin Soccer. I believe that she’s not famous because of her beauty but because of her charisma and very satisfactory acting. And so, when I learned that she took the lead role in Mulan, I’m very happy to see how she interpreted this famous persona.

In my observation, there’s a lot of difference between Disney’s Mulan and Vicki’s Mulan. The latter caters more adult market and it is heavy drama. I’m not bias, but for me, Vicki gives justice to her role especially in drama side. I want to expect that she could do some action scenes but I know that would be too high to anticipate.

Then on the romantic side, it’s very wholesome. I can’t remember any scenes where Vicki and her love interest kissed. At first, I thought this movie is all about woman empowerment that if ever there’s love aspect, it would be only to spice up the story. But towards the end, I feel how much she sacrificed for the man she loves during the war. They actually mutually love each other, it just that they have to choose the peace in their country over their persona matters. With that, Mulan and her man conveys what soldier should be.

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