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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ariel Lin, Taiwan’s jewel

I'm convinced that I don't like the character of Ariel Lin in It Started with a Kiss. I can't be that too naive for the sake of love and for the man who look so authoritative. But then again, that's TV show and she shows undeniably effective acting.

Through that series I became particular to Ariel. I’m concerned about the sequel of the show which is “They Kiss Again and her other series such as Tokyo Juliet, Love Contract and Love or Bread.

What amazes me more is when I read articles about her in Asianfanatics.net. Most of the time, she exudes clean and intelligent answers in her interview. I learned as well that she likes to learn so many things, support her family and intensify her craft.

She’s adorable in deed for me. Right now, still finding way to watch They Kiss Again and wishing that she’ll have another drama series with Wu Zun.

I’m just curious about the intrigue between her and Mike He. Do you know something about it?

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