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Friday, January 28, 2011

Personal Taste… mismatches designs in the plot

No doubt Lee Min-ho is one the brightest Korean stars of his generation. So it is exciting to know that he has latest project Perfect Match or Personal Taste (PT) which differs from his popular character in Boys Over Flowers (BOF).

I’ll make this review short…

The lead actors – Lee Min Ho- He’s more handsome in PT and exudes more mature aura, the thing is when it comes to acting, I like him better in BOF. It’s no that he’s so blunt it just nothing extra ordinary in his acting or role (Jeon Jin Ho). He looks more like an architect slash ramp model. But I guess, this is good start for him to do away from cutie-cutie roles.

Son Yeh Jin – when I saw the poster of PT, it appeared that she looks older to Lee Min Ho, which is actually true. But when you watch the show, you’ll forget the age gap and resign to the idea that she looks older. She’s fine actress for the character of Park Kae In. You will sympathize to her love journey but surely, you will also be irritated with her being naive. By this roller coaster feeling for the character, it means she’s effective. But there’s one thing that disappointing about the establishment of her character, from wacky she becomes serious one in an instant.

The Supporting actors – I like the way I hate Wang Ji Hye (played by Kim iN Hee). You will hate her to the bone but she has reason to be like that. Though you don’t relate to her explanation, you will also have pity to her because she has unreasonable nature like she can’t do anything about that. I also like the idea that she throw to Park Kae In of why she stole Han Chang Ryul ( Kim Ji Suk) from her then dumped him later. It’s rare but happens that you fantasize a man because of the ideal package that you thought he has. That you started to believe in the idea only because he looks fine in others minds. Well, in Kim Ji Suk acting? No comment! But for Han Chang Ryul, he’s so pathetic. By the way, I like Manager Choi he’s cute though he’s gay. Hehehe!

The Plot – There are times that it becomes boring but you know that there’s something exciting that push you to stay watching. The other platform of the story revolves about architecture. After watching the series, I understand the business side of it but not the art. I can’t remember any design that allures me except of the chairs that Kae In does. Another thing is you can almost predict what will happen in the story. Good thing, Wang Ji Hye is alive character to save the entire plot.

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