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Friday, May 21, 2010

Chinese flicks Mystery

If anime is the product of Japan's fantastic imagination, i  think for China its their astonishing action films. Look, is there anyway that men like Jackie Chan or Jet Li could fly high and walk in the air just like that? where do they get their energies in fighting so many men all at the same time? from a wine?

Not totally fan, but i enjoy watching action-comedy Chinese films especially if top billed by Jackie Chan. I'm convince that they can fly and fight without hesitation compare to other action films. I commend their stunts and martial arts skills. they actually can act too, maybe sometimes not that outstanding but they are very effective enough.

among the Chinese action-comedy-drama films that i like are
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon- action and heavy drama
So Close - this is one of my favorite
Forbidden Kingdom- two icons in one
Drunken Master- hilarious and motivating
The Myth - combination of reel and real action oriented effects like the Mummy
Shaolin Kids - i can't remember which one but maybe Vic Sotto is my key

by the way, i think i also like before the films of Bruce Lee and Cynthia Luster. By the way, where is that woman right now? I also like Shu Qi in My Wife is A Gangster but that film is considered a Korean Film.

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