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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Julie and Julia...revolutionary

I just finished watching Julie and Julia, a film starring Meryl Streep (It’s Complicated/ Devil Wears Prada) and Amy Adams (Enchanted). It’s a long film and I’m not that actually enthusiastic in cooking but it did inspires me and made my head fond of different ideas. But before me, let me talk about the film…

At first I thought it was just an ordinary film only that it was top billed by Meryl Streep that makes it special. I actually annoyed on the way she talks. But later on I though that Meryl just want to internalize Julia Child (RIP). And if ever you don’t know yet, Julie and Julia is based in two true stories of Julia Child and Julie Powell.

Being Julie, who intimidated to her friends who have successful careers at 30 and frustrated about her cubicle work, I feel connected to Amy Adams. She’s amazing in this role and I wish I find a very supportive husband like Julia has. And in some way, her cooking project did stimulate me to start cooking.

Of course the part of the movie that I can relate to the blogging session of Julie. She blogged 524 recipes that Julia wrote in her books in 365 days. It made me think of why I started blogging and what the catch for me to blog.

Am I like Julie and Julia who know what they want, which is cooking? Well I can answer that, I’m not like them. I still don’t know what exact what I like to do. The sure thing I know is I don’t care if I’m Jack of all trades and master of none. As long as I enjoy endeavors that I want to do.

And I never know who are Julia and Julie in real life not until I watched this film. So the film is somewhat revolutionary- it made me familiarize with these two amazing women from other continent, it inspires me to cook, it me fonder about my status and it motivates to blog because I like it.

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