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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He’s not that into you

At first, I'm eager  to watch this film because it's top billed by famous Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, Gennifer Goodwin, Justin Long, Scarlett Johanson, and Kevin Connolly. However I ended up watching it twice for I was entertained and inspired by it.

I realized so many things when it comes to assuming, loving and marrying a guy. Of all the characters I like Jennifer Connelly’s character. As Janine, she’s hilariously serious. In the way she expressed her ideas, she’s funny! But if you gonna dig what she meant that was a very serious matter. I have two favorite scenes of her. First, when she and Ben (Cooper) selecting an item for their house. Ben admitted to him that he slept with someone (Scarlett’s character Anna). I was amazed that she paralleled that issue with her suspicion that Ben's smoking habit.

My second favorite was when she found out that Ben was lying. He hid his vice to her. But I think though the issue of smoking was just petty issue on the surface, what Janine trying to point out was when you can trust someone in small thing, you can also trust him in big things.

I think the most romantic of all the love teams in the story were Gigi (Goodwin) and Alex (Long). I would like to commend that even they were new to my eyes, they gave justice to their respective characters and they were the overall lead couple of the movie. Good choice!

Jennifer Aniston’s Beth and Ben Aflfleck’s Neil, on the other hand,was an awakening issue. Yeah, sometimes it’s not the marriage that bonds two persons but their commitment to each other. Although of course, it’s ideal to get married.

Since I like Janine, so it’s natural that I hate Anna. And true to that when I watched it for the second time, I forwarded her scenes. Sorry! Next to her, I also don’t like the story of Drew's character. But I like the scene when she’s happy to hear that she had voice mail from a guy. Then she found out that the guy was cheating on her.

Well in my point of view, he’s just not that into you, if he…

* Doesn’t bother to look in your face when you’re talking
* Not smiling all the time
* Trying to force what he likes than to listen to what you are saying
* Just keep complimenting certain part of your outward attributes such as "I like your skirt today." Your hair is nice.
* And sometimes even they like you, they still doesn’t end up choosing you. It maybe because you’re beyond to what they can proud of or your just in the level of like not love.

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