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Monday, January 11, 2010

the devil wears prada... a career self-analysis

Finally, I watched the The Devil Wears Prada. And even it was not so exciting the first time I saw it, in a dysfunctional VCD, I’m still hooked with it.

I still hate Meryl Streep, who is very effective portrayal and sophisticated acting. I still wish that my future partner with will be Adrian Grenier whole packaged in the film as Nate. And of course, I like to relate my self with Anne Hathaway who is Andrea Andy Sachs.

The film is actually all about fashion. And the magazine work was just a second thing. But the main point I would like to pick it up from the film is I don’t want to work with Runaway’s kind of environment or with Miranda Priestly (Meryl) as my boss. I wanna elevate my career and be the best in my field but I also want to live life as well. After all work is one aspect of me.

Well if you want to think about your career or where you want to go, I recommend this film. By the way, Emily Blunt is also very effective and she’s beautiful.

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