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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Revolutionary Road... dark and awakening

There were two reasons why i choose to watch this film - one, it's top billed by two titanic stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio and two, Kate won best actress award because of this film.

I admit if i'm in the fan mode i'll be bored with the story and i'll hate their talky characters. But since i'm expecting a heavy drama here so i choose to be a film enthusiast/critic. I commend both Leo and Kate for emerging as Frank and April. The Jack Dawson- and- Rose Calvert-memory ( of Titanic) that I had was gone.

Their acting is not that intense but you can feel what they want, even in reality their characters are pathetic. Leo is no more the hunk-cutie-cutie guy but kudos to him. He’s actor more than a star.

And with Kate’s April, i can relate to her. maybe when the time i’ll already have a husband. I also prefer to have privacy and silence so i can think well.

hmmm I don’t think I”m going to read the novel where this is story comes from. I’m already solved with the entire film.

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