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Thursday, October 8, 2009

More power Talentadong Pinoy!

It’s maybe not an original concept but I’d like to think that TV5 got the best idea to showcase different talents of ordinary Filipinos. Through Talentadong Pinoy, viewers will know that apart from singing, dancing and acting, Filipinos have other  talents.

I’m not religiously following the show and honestly, I doubt at first if it’s gonna survive in the airwaves since it’s scheduled every Saturday and competes with different programs of two giant stations. But I believe that it got right host, my favorite Ryan Agoncillo, and it has good vision.

Apparently their good intention and efforts resounds to millions of Filipino viewers. Currently, they hold the no. 1 spot in the ratings game every Saturday night. There are also existing programs following their concept like inserting a segment ala-Talentadong Pinoy.

Speaking of talent show like TP, I wish that local stations stop franchising foreign shows which are not only dismaying in the long run but also a waste to their money. We already prove that we can come up with innovative talent shows like Tawag ng Kampeon, Game Ka Na Ba, Star for A Night, Pinoy Pop Superstar, Go Binggo, Sing Galing, Starstruck etc.

I’m not against those foreign shows, they great actually! What I’m trying to imply is copying or putting them in our local channels is not so wise idea. Since these shows are design for foreigners, obviously there are limitations. These limitations are not only about rules but also in artistic freedom.

I don’t wonder why a big station creates another new singing contest after having a grand presentation for the singing show they franchised and which snatched and rename from other local channel. Being innovative is more captivating and attracts more profits.

Again congratulations to Talentadong Pinoy!

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