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Friday, September 18, 2009

Dancing, dance films…Patrick Swayze

Because I believe in the essence of dancing as an art, exercise and past time, I’m currently collecting dance flicks that I like to watch over and over again.

As of now, I have Julia StilesSave The Last Dance, Antonio Banderas' Take The Lead, Diego Luna’s Dirty Dancing: Havana Night, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez’s Shall we Dance, and Stomp the Yard.

As I’m still eyeing for discounted price of Dirty Dancing 1’s VCD or DVD (I’m thrifty), I’m saddened by the news that Patrick Swayze already died because of pancreatic cancer. Honestly, he’s the great American male dancer that I ever watch in a movie.

To think that I only watched Dirty Dancing when I already can afford to rent video tapes, well that’s only few years ago, but I still consider him the best. I really like their dancing routine, the “swan move” and of course their love story of Jennifer Grey (by the way, where’s that woman?)

What I coincidence that the two of good dancers from Hollywood are already gone – Patrick and Michael Jackson. Anyway, the good thing is that their memories and performances are seemed immortal to our eyes, especially with the presence of modern technology.

Rest in Peace Patrick! Thank you for inspiring us to dance. You really “had your time of your life!” For now, I need to find original copy of Dirty Dancing.

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