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Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP my first Dance teacher

like everyone i'm shock learning that the King of Pop was dead due to cardiac arrest. but i contain myself by not joining in discussion about him. i mean, who's michael jackson in my life to care too much about him.

then a friend sent me a text message telling how sad she was because of MJ's sudden death. because of her, i realised that yeah I'm also affected. MJ was actually the first great performer that i knew ever since i was a kid.

i remember, my siblings and i were all watching whenever there's betamax or video of his concerts and music videos. i maybe didnt learn his trademark dances such as moonwalk but you know, his music is contagious. i couldn't stop myself dancing whenever i hear his billy jean, thriller and beat it. then i also like his heal the world, smooth criminal, and I'll be there.

in a way, i was influenced by the rumors that sorround him and his hiatus in the music scene, but i never doubt on his talent and his grace on stage.

Rest in Peace MJ! i'm glad that you were my first dance teacher. first and foremost, thank you for inspiring me -even i was just seeing you in TV screen.

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