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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taiwanese Series... Idol dramas

One Taiwanese series that I’m curious to watch is Black and White of Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei of F4). According to some press releases and forums that I read, its sort o revolutionary for it’s different from common Idol Dramas.

Whether the show meets my expectation or not when I watch it, I’m still glad with its production staff & outfit. I’m not saying that I hate idol dramas because that definitely untrue, It just that I’m happy when someone tries something innovative and new. Isn’t ironic that the people who started out idol dramas in Asia – Meteor Garden’s Vic and Dir. Tsai Yueh Hsun are part of Black and White?

Actually after Meteor Garden, local networks here started to acquire more Taiwanese dramas that of course more of Idol Dramas. Some other that I remember were My MVP Valentine (starring 5566 & Angela Zhang), Love At the Dolphin Bay (Angela Zhang & Ambrose Hsu), 100 % Señorita (Joe Chen & Penny Lin), Love Storm ( Vic, Ken Zhu & Vivian Hsu), Marmalade Boy ( Ken Zhu), Mr. Fighting ( 5566), The Outsiders (Dylan Kou, Blue Lan Zen Long and Ady An), West Side Story (5566), Poor Prince ( Vic and Ken), The Prince Who turns Into a Frog or Frog Prince ( Joe Chen and Ming Dao), and Mars ( Vic & Barbie Hsu).

The Prince Who turns Into a Frog or Frog Prince

I remember one series but I forgot the title, it was like Hana Kimi for the leading actress look and act like a guy. The actress was so thin in that show. And it was broadcast every afternoon in GMA -7.

By the way, FOR ME Idol Drama is a Taiwanese series top billed by popular or promising actors and the plot is something in between reality and fantasy. Most of the recent and top rated shows with such kind were adaptations from manga or Japanese comics. Example of those were Hana Kimi, It Stated With A Kiss, Devil Beside You, Tokyo Juliet ( Ariel Lin &Wu Zun), Mars, Marmalade Boy and of course Meteor Garden.

With this idea, I would separate other popular dramas that I knew – Love at the Aegean Sea (Alec Su and Chae Rim), Lavender (Ambrose &Tammy Chen), A Chinese Ghost Story or Eternity (Barbie Hsu and Daniel Chan). I just realized now that Love in the City of Ruby Lin and Lu Yi is actually a Chinese Series, but that’s show was really cool.

My choices of being distinctive Taiwanese series are The Outsiders, Mars, They Kiss Again (sequel of It Started with a kiss) because they are not merely about love and dream. They tackle sensitive and worthy (apart of drugs and sex) issues. The Outsider was shown in ABC 5 (now TV5) I think in 2004.

What I like in idol dramas are they like live action animes and they sustain your fantasy about love, dream and tragedy. In addition to that is they featured pretty actors and actresses like Ella Chen (of S.H.E), Rainie Yang, Wu Zun, Ady An, Wallace Hou (from Love at the Dolphin Bay), Barbie Xu, Bianca Bai (Fated to Love You), Penny Lin (Lavender and 100% Señorita), Ruby Lin, Tiffany Xu (ISWAK &TKA), Vivian Hsu (Love Storm), Winnie Qian (Teng Tang Jin of MG), Baron Chen ( Dylan of Fated To Love You), Joe Cheng ( ISWAK and TKA), Mike He (Love Contract & Devil Beside You), Ming Dao (Frog Prince), Jerry Yan, Vic and Ken.

And as I wrote in my other entry, Ariel Lin is my favorite Taiwanese actress. I also like to express that Angela Zhang was also cool during her stint in Dolphin Bay and for singing Journey. I was really mesmerized by her voice.

Through the years, I notice the progress in Idol Dramas as they have high quality cinematography and appealing plot. It just some is still relying in popularity of the stars and produce low quality story/script. Sometime also, they’re into over exaggeration of suspension of disbelief, boring slapstick and monotonous visual effects.

Nevertheless these flaws are tolerable, see we continuously patronizing them. I just hope Extravagant Challenge materialized with Ariel and Jerry as the lead actors, Ariel and Mike will collaborate again, and I’ll see Black and White and Just Want to Depend on You. Hmmm wait; I’m still watching Fated to Love You of Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan.

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