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Friday, May 29, 2009

Boys Over Flowers has better characterization

Note: I still don’t see yet Hana Yori Dango (Japanese series)

Over all, I think Boys over Flowers delivered something new in the hit story and history of Hana Yori Dango... even it was already has different versions. It also never failed to tickle the audience with romantic scenes and twists in the plot.

I, myself, was very excited to find out what were the changes they did. BOF exchange famous parts and add other interpretations in some. Since I watch already Meteor Garden (HYD of Taiwan), I want to know if it’s better. therefore i conclude, script wise and execution it's cool & good.

Of all of them (actually even in MG), I am attracted more in the character of Yi jung ( Sojiroh or Xi men) and especially in the actors that portray the character – Kim Bum in Korean version and Ken Zhu in Taiwan. I don’t know why (because in real life I can’t imagine that I’ll be like Ga Eul) but I think this character has a sweet-sour charm.

A playboy with loyal & kind heart, the character build up of Yi Jung (Kim Bum) is well established (of course, given that he had more exposure). Though I’m lost thinking when and how exactly he finally realized that he’s falling with Ga Eul (gladly, he did anyway). But all in all, I prefer their story and love team than Jan Di (Kyoo hye Sun) & Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) or Jan Di & Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong). One strong reason is of course I’m already too familiar with these three characters and their love stories. By the way, I really like Ga Eul (Kim Su Eun) – her character and the actress.

I also feel sad that Woo Bin (Kim Joon) had limited cut in the entire series compare to other three. He was a relief in dull moments and tough times. If you already watch BOF, you’ll notice that if Jan Di has Ji Hoo as her knight and shining armor, Jun Pyo and Yi Jung has hero/ friend in him. He also has interesting background and personality.

On Jun Pyo, I like that the writer describe him well through his struggles. This is I think the wonderful ingredient that some series missed because those rely only in dialogue to explain about a character/ situation or by using so musch back story (I have example in my mind and this blog). In Jun Pyo, I clearly understand why it’s hard for him to love someone who’s not in his class, apart from his mother’s issue.

Though, he’s hard-to-deal lad, he also has heart to love and mind to think about his responsibilities as a son of wealthy family and heir of a robust company. I don’t only hate or like him, I also sympathize with him. Hmmm, Lee Min Ho and Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si of MG) has similarities, don’t you think? And they both have winning smile. But if you’ll ask me, who has a killer smile, I’ll choose Jerry Yan.

When it comes to Ji Hoo, I think it’s safe to say that I still like Vic Zhou’s portrayal… even at that time he’s still raw in terms of acting and I’m not fan of him. But I like Kim Hyun Joong’s hairstyles.

In my opinion, there’s a difference between Jan Di and Shan Cai (Barbie Xu). The first one was tough while the latter was brave girl. In the first few episodes, I thought I’m watching a Sassy Girl’s reincarnation and Jan Di is a boyish gal. The build up of her character invested in how strong she is in terms of physical activities. She’s not intelligent and rich but she can swim and do different jobs. I’m very amused with this slant of her character. By the way, I admire Kyoo Hye Sun for being talented artist, I learned that she also writes and does theater works. But between shan cai and jan di, I choose the first one.

Other characters and part…

Ø Although she’s supposed to be a villain- I couldn’t hate Ha Jae Kyung (Lee Min Jung). I think if I’m Jan Di, I can also surrender my love if she’s my rival. It’s not because of our status in society but because she’s a dear friend to me. Actually of all the scenes in the series, I almost cried when she sincerely say sorry to Jan Di prior to her wedding ceremony with Jun Pyo. Btw, Lee Min Jung is pretty actress just like Lee Si Young or Oh Min Ji in BOF – the friend of Jan DI in Shinwa.

Ø There’s a scene in the last episode that was similar to a dramatic scene in Lovers in Paris

Ø I like the scenery and scenes shot in Macau, China especially those under the bridge

Ø With Jun Pyo’s capacity and luxurious ways, I have no doubt that he’s rich… unlike in hmmm

Ø I assume that Yi Jun doesn’t like to go home since he prefers to sleep in his cute studio.

Ø RIP to Jang Ja Yun (Sunny)!

Ø I really laugh when Jae Kyung asked Jan Di’s where’s her new home (she was already serving in Gu’s family that time). Hahhaha. She’s wondering what happened to Jan Di’s rented attic house ( watch it and you’ll find out why)


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