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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Devil Beside You… preachy and so so

I have high expectation in Devil Beside You (DBY) because I learned that it was top rated show and top billed by Rainie Yang and Mike He ( I think I'm his reluctant admirer now...wahaha). Of course, I was also intrigued about the trivia that the female lead character was supposed to be for Ariel Lin. (According to what I read in Asianfanatics.net and Wikipedia, Ariel rejected the project because she had problem with Mike.)

Anyway, no doubt the lead stars were oozing with cuteness and charms. Their faces registered so well on screen because they know how to project. I also think, intentionally, majority of the scenes were focused in their prettiest shots.

In the first few episodes, I thought the series was anime inspired (by the way, I learned that it was adapted from the Japanese manga Akuma de Sourou) because of the effects that were used. Although most of the time I don’t like that idea (because anime is anime fort me), I still watched because I’m excited to know how a bubbly girl ended up with a pretty boy that had demonic personality.

Yeah, Mike was quiet harsh in his actions (even in the way he kissed Rainie) and he smiled even in so serious scenes. As Prince of Seduction – Jiang Meng or Ah Meng, in physical aspect I’m convinced that he deserved the title but in the build up of the character and acting of mike… so so so. I don’t know why I felt there’s something lacking in it. Very different as compare to Vic Zhou’s role in Mars and especially to Jerry Yan’s famous Dao Ming Si.

Somehow, I like the cheesy and appealing lines or acts in the show, however, episode by episode I felt frustrated. Why? It seemed all the characters were preachy. They inclined to throw lengthy lines explaining things (especially why Ah Meng was bad) that actually can be elaborated through actions. Because of that it was almost all actors seemed not acting, instead they just memorizing their lines and throw those in the natural way they can. By the way, flashbacks were also well used in here.

I also noticed in DBY the common effect of most Taiwanese series that I watch before. You know, the “significant- repetition- of- a-shot?” (That’s a scene repeated in different angles and in super slow motion. Most of the time it implies something important or emotional). Yeah, it’s effective but if it is used frequently, it became predictable, common and boring.

And for me, the major conflict was immediately resolved. If not mistaken few episodes before the last one. Was that the same in manga?

I’m surprised with Figaro Ceng Shao Zong who played Ah Rang, the younger brother of Ah Meng. I thought he just younger than Ariel and Joe Cheng in TKA but in DBY he was really looked so young. I preferred his acting in the show than in TKA. I just hate his hairstyle and the scene where he went to the classroom of Qi Yue (Rainie) where he disturbed the class, hoped through the chairs and arrogantly, introduce himself to her. The teacher just stands as a witness there, great!

Of all the persons in DBY I’m interested the most in Li Xiang (Ivy Fan Xiao Fan). She’s always in black outfit (with minimal violet accessories and hair highlights) but she was a colorful character for me. Even the transition of her love from Ah Mong (Mike) to Yang Ping (Masuyama Yuki) and her developed friendship with Qi Yue. The actress could act as a witch or someone with mysterious traits in other show. Hehehe!

Rainie sang one of the background music – li xiang qing ren and I like it. Though I don’t understand the song, I still felt her emotion or how good singer she was through her voice. I first saw her in Meteor Garden and she was very young there. (Oh my I remember she’s the love interest of my first crush Xi Men or Ken Zhu…kawaii). She’s good dresser too in the show, all of her clothes suit to her young and bubbly personality. Acting wise, she’s not bad.

On the other hand, even though his character was challenging and charming, I think Mike acting was better in Love Contract. By the way, I think all the songs in DBY were good especially the Opening and closing themes.

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