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Monday, December 8, 2008

They Kiss Again... thrilling and heartwarming

part 2 of It started to Kiss Again

Finally, I finished watching They Kiss Again (TKA) the sequel of It Started With A Kiss starring Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. And my long wait plus the marathon that I did was really worth it.

After Korean film -Don’t Tell Papa, TKA made me cry again. I felt the suffering of XiangQuin (XQ) when she thought Zhisu (ZS) never loved him in episode 11 (I think). Hmmm… I know more why Ariel Lin (XQ) got her best actress award. By the way, the best episodes for me are episode 11 and 20.

Xiang Quin is the silliest character for me of all Taiwanese series that I watched. But you can consider me silly as well for l keep on following/watching her till the end. Actually, that trait gave thrill for I’m waiting for what kind of mess that XQ will do and how ZS will solve it or what circumstance that will save her.

I also noticed that even in the way Ariel laughed, walked and talked were all different in here. So it seemed that I’m following XQ story and not watching Ariel.

I’m also not bothered with how many kisses that XQ and ZS did because I’m more touched whenever ZS chasing XS or proved to her how much he loved her. I hate him for being cold and for manipulating XQ. Not to mention, when he didn’t know that he was jealous to Qitai. Anyway sometimes I understand him, knowing how obsessed his wife on him.

There were scenes of course that I’m not interested to watch but I didn’t dare to touch my DVD for those parts. I just considered them as commercial gaps in XQ and ZS’ love story.

Sub plots and Supporting characters

I think, one of the touching and beautiful episodes was the one about Ah Nou (Wang Zi). ISWAK follower would know the struggles of ZS just to know if he’s really for a medical career (as doctor). The young and sick Ah Nou there was among the persons that motivated him to pursue his dream. However, when ZS finally got it, the teenager Ah Nou was the one who challenged his profession.

Qitai (Figaro Ceng Shao Zong) was an interesting character for he’s the reason why ZS felt jealousy, but I don’t know why I think there’s lacking in him. Maybe it was in the character’s build up, especially in his so quick affection towards XQ, or in the acting of the actor.

Then although, the love life of Jiang Yu Shu (young brother of ZS) was like and patterned from his brother and sister in law, I’m still giggling in his reactions with Haomei’s moves. The same with Ah Bu (Aaron Yan) and Chun Mei love story, they were not only depicted an “against all odds” couple but they also taught the audience how to manage marriage, pregnancy and in laws relationship. In this segment of TKA, I admired XQ for being straightforward.

I can’t comment anything about ah Jin (Jiro Wang) and Christine’s ( Larissa) part, except that their story was just a cute gap for XQ and ZS’ journey.

Anyway, I like to commend other casts for they gave justice to their roles. Maybe their not that stunning but they still okay.

All in all

TKA was a funny and heartwarming drama series. Obviously, it’s more serious and mature than ISWAK. It leave impacts to me… that good thing I didn’t take up nursing, marriage life is different stage and I can’t ( I have to avoid) love someone like ZS for I definitely leave him at once… hehehe.

I just felt sad that TKA ended in a sad mode. Though I’d like to know what will happen to XQ or whether she’ll bear babies, I think it’s better to do the third book (if there’s any) in two to four years from now.

Congratulations to cast and crew of TKA you really moved me!

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