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Friday, December 5, 2008

Korean stars entertain me

Through my boob tube, I see many faces of celebrities not only in my native land but also from other countries. Good thing, Korean series and movies was introduced here after Taiwanese shows . That's why I have so many choices.

Jang Nara

Jang Nara – The star of Bright Girl and My Love Patzzi is my most favorite Korean actress so far. The first show was the earliest Korean series, also known as Koraeanobela, that shown in the Philippines.

Yes, she’s maybe not that pretty and good actress compare to other Korean ladies such as Song Gye Kyo and Choi Ji Woo but I don’t know why I’m still couldn’t over with her performance in “My Love Patzzi.” I like that series so much because it didn’t not only depicted romantic & comedy love story but also the simple reality that not all pretty is damn good. I’ll never forget how much I giggled whenever she had moments with Kim Jae Woon.

Once in while I read articles about Jang Nara and though, I couldn’t dig much information about her career in China, I’m glad that she’s still active and famous. Hope she can have another series, I believe she has comedic and dramatic timing.

Bae Yong Joon – Gee, I can’t find other description about him except of he’s my current “ultimate crush.” The “absolute culprit” of this feeling was his hit show Winter Sonata (Endless Love). His face and acting mixed so well on screen. I also like Hotelier.

I bought The Legend few months ago but until now I can’t find time to watch it. It maybe because I’m not interested in epic drama, I just bought it because of him.But I’m waiting for the time that I’ll have courage to play it in our DVD. Hehehe!!!

Yoon Eun Hye – of course as everybody knows her first big break was Goong or Princess Hours. I didn’t like the show that much but I’m an avid viewer. But if we talk about Coffee Prince, well that’s part of my favorite Korean series. She’s really a good actress and she can show more if the project she’ll do is challenging. Although her “Vineyard Man” was an award winning show, I lost my interest to watch it.

Lee Da Hae – She’s indeed pretty and bubbly. I first saw this girl in Green Rose (opposite Ko Soo) and then in Sweet 18 starring Lee Dong Geon and Han Ji-Hye. In both series, her acting was so serious and plain. But when I watched her in My Girl I mesmerized with how talented she is for shifting into comedy. She’s really funny and effective there. And yes I was I also absorbed in her feeling toward the character of Lee Dong Wook (which was very handsome in the show).

Okay other stars that somewhat catch my attention due to their talent or features are:

Won Bin – especially in his stint in Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart.” For me, he is one of Korea’s heartthrobs.

Chae Rim – this woman with very cute smile is my most watched Korean actress because she had lots of entertaining TV show such as “All about Eve,” “Oh! Pil Seung, Bong Soon Young (“Oh Feel Young” in the Philippines), Love In the Aegean Sea, Four Sisters, and Dal-Ja’s Spring. The latter was the last series I watched “almost religiously” in local TV.

Choi Ji Woo – she’s second to Chae Rim as my most watched actress. This is because she’s a real drama queen for me. She’s in Winter Sonata (with her powerful acting, I developed my admiration to Bae Yong Joon), Truth,Beautiful Days and Stairway to Heaven. I couldn’t watch the latter because it’s too heavy and the plot was a cliché.

Kim Tae Hee – She’s beautiful Korean actress that I ever see next to Song Hye Kyo ( Full House). With her list such as Forbidden Love Stairway to Heaven and Love Story in Harvard, I preferred the first one. It was because the story was different and complete with action and romance ingredients. What funny is, I really enjoy her more in her LG commercial – Disco Phone .

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