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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tokyo Juliet…romantic but unrealistic

I watched Tokyo Juliet (TJ) because the lead actors here are Ariel Lin and Wu Zun (member of boy band Fahrenheit and star of Hana Kimi & Romantic Princess). I'm also curious about the title and plot, it's about fashion design.

I am amazed with Ariel’s acting in TJ. Her portrayal of the lead character (LinLai Sui) is different with Xangxin (ISWAK). She’s a winner for making me to sympathize with her agony and agree with her love to Liang (Wu Zun). This is good enough to save the disappointing twist and turns of the story.

On the other hand, I learned that Wu Zun was newbie when they did TJ. Acting wise, he’s fine and real matinee idol material. According to Wikipedia, his voice was dubbed since his mandarin was not that proficient at that time. Well I congratulate the dubber, I never noticed that while watching.

Although the whole drama drives me to admire both Ariel and Wu Zun, and I wish that I have also Liang in my life but sorry I cannot congratulate the script of it. I see a lot of loopholes at the same time unrealistic views.

I expect that TJ would inspire me because it’s about young fashion designer who fought against all odds to revenge to a well known fashion designer. Primarily, she hated him because he broke her family when he pirated her daisy fashion idea.

But I think, they lost focus often when they put characters in between Liang and Sui. Many times, Sui received criticism for not having sexy body. However, she got four admirers (apart from Liang) who were tried to seduce her as if she’s one hot lady. They all were trying to harass her actually.

If they only emphasize that these men captured by her being lovable and passionate that would be fine. Sex or Kissing is the only way to say that you admire person? Si’s (close friend of Liang) attraction to Sui didn’t have spark. I don’t know if its’ love at first sight or friendship turned lovers thing.

Famous young fashion designer Ailou of Bambino was perhaps one of the promising characters. However, he just used to make Liang jealous. He was link to Chuxing (the archrival of Sui) but that’s not concretely showed. They said he was internationally acclaimed designer but I didn’t feel that. His packaging was very ordinary, it’s like he’s fourth year college student while Sui and Liang were freshmen. He imprisoned Sui to his condo unit like a stupid.

This stupidity continued when Ganlisha, a famous fashion designer student from Italy enrolled in Sui’s school. She was the arranged fiancee of Liang and loved him ever since they were in high school. Another potential character but not powerful enough. The actress had same facial expression. I rather choose the rich daughter of fabric tycoon, who chose Liang to model and design their products, as the major rival of Sui in Liang’s heart.

Okay, Chuxing is the prime contravida here, he’s power in the fashion world is really stunning. Audience would hate him for intervening with Sui’s career and love life. In the “manipulating” situation the character is effective but the dialogue and the acting of the actor is not satisfying.

He just smirked all the time whenever his planning something against Sui. His outfits were also unglamorous and not chic. His fashion never changed for fifteen years. He’s the same, as in all throughout, man when Sui was still five years old till she grew up to beat him.

He even used the same models when he was just starting till he became famous. Were they not getting old for 15 years? There’s also important fashion event that the media said he invited famous models but it turned out it was the same ladies for nth times huh!

Setting aside of the character of Sui’s mother is another flaw of the story. Why they made scenes that she’s with Chuxing and meet her to Sui in an island for nothing? I wish they just used her as backgrounder that once upon a time Sui’s mother and Chuxing had affair. Making her alive should have a dynamic purpose.

All in all I gave 3 points out 7 for this series… one each for Ariel and Wu Zun… the other one is for the effort of putting romantic scenes.

I wish that Ariel and Wu Zun have another project together. Wu Zun is more handsome for having clean and short hair now compare to TJ. I will watch Romantic Princess; I want to find out if he has chemistry with Angela Zhang, (who I admired for singing Journey) and of course “Hana Kimi”

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